Nine releases on, La Vie En Rose has blossomed from a fresh, new bud full of potential to a fully grown head brimming with colour!  The latest release ‘Wish I Could Fly’ marks the second appearance on LVR from the wildly underrated but hugely talented Boris Horel, plus a remix  from hallucinatory UK laaaads, Acid Mondays. So in the name of avant-garde underground and the new EP, we get « close to the charts » of artist and remixer…


Top 5: Boris’ Bangers!

Seuil – Marmite

Seuil is a very hard-working studio freak, and on this new release I think he surpassed himself. It is all that I love about gritty house music, with an old school touch but at the same time very modern. I think Seuil is up there now with some of the German masters of yesterday…


KLF vs The Glove – Build A Fire

This is one of my end of night favourites… I love the new wave/pop thing going on here. It also reminds me of a time when DJs used to play a bit more open sets and not only unidirectional tech-house. Well, some still do…


Dubtil – Remaked

On the more modern side of deep house I really love this vibe. And what makes this interesting right now is the new way of editing house music, by choosing a techno style of editing onto something more like loopy house. The danger here is to stay classy, butnot boring.


Schatrax – Restless Nights

One of the tracks that got me into house music back then, this sort of raw, “real minimal » approach to club music.


René Audiard – Violence

Again quite an interesting piece of modern electronic music. You obviously don’t always have the opportunity to play this in clubs, but when you do, the vibe can become quite special.


Acid Mondays Red-Hot Remixes!

Boris Horel – Wish I Could Fly (Acid Mondays Remix)

We first heard of Terrence:Terry: under his former alias of DJ Terry back in 2002 when we used to hammer his ‘I Can’t Stop’ tune on Battle. To be able to work with him on his current label over 10 years later is an honour and a pleasure!!


Norm Talley – Analog XTC (Sascha Dive’s Deep Echo M Vibration Dub

Deep chugging basic channel vibes here, love the way it changes the dynamics on the dancefloor without losing the energy.


Crash Course In Science – Flying Turns (Ricardo Villalobos Mac Hawkins remix)

Made in the late eighties by the obscure punk electronic band, Crash Course In Science. Villalobos gives it the full treatment bringing it back to the now, weird and wonderful as always!

White-Hot Wax! Forthcoming…

H Foundation – Hear Dis Sound (Adam Shelton Remix) – Siesta

No nonsense dancefloor tackle from Adam here, does the business every time!

Wolfgang Haffner – Bing (Acid Mondays Remix) – Rockets & Ponies

A remix we’ve done for the German Jazz Legend, coming out on Timo Mass’s label alongside remixes from Nightmares On Wax and Ricardo Villalobos.