Unai Trotti – La Canoha (12′) 

  • Label:
    Melliflow ‎x Cartulis Music
  • Artist: Unai Trotti, Fede Lijtmaer, And.rea, Dan Piu,  Z@P
  • Remixers: –
  • Title: Full Of Love
  • Cat.: CRMLOVE1
  • Vinyl Release: October 2018
  • Vinyl Repress: August 2019
  • Digi Release: X
  • Tracklist :
  1. Fede Lijtmaer – Undersea 540
  2. Unai Trotti – La Canoha
  3. And.rea – Twisted And Melted
  4. Dan Piu – Hidden Dreams
  5. Z@P – Capitan Albino

Special Limited Edition EP curated and formed by the united music minds of Melliflow & Cartulis Music

RA Review 3.6/5

Two of minimal dance music’s most exciting crews meet on this compilation EP.

Berlin’s Melliflow and London’s Cartulis Music are two of the most exciting crews playing and releasing minimal dance music. First sold at a series of Melliflow/Cartulis collaborative parties at this summer’s OFF week in Barcelona, the Full OFF Love EP is the result of a longstanding affinity between the two outlets.

Both labels also have links to the scene in Montevideo, a hotspot for stripped-back dance music. Uruguayan DJ and owner of El Milagro Records, Federico Lijtmaer, delivers « Undersea 540, » which merges his bleepy sound with classic deep house. Montevideo’s Z@p is the only producer to have appeared before on both labels. He delivers another peak-time earworm with « Capitan Albino, » though it doesn’t quite match the quality of earlier efforts, like Sonic Utopia for Melliflow or Tracid for Cartulis.

The standouts come from the producers with the slimmest discographies. Dan Piu contributes « Hidden Dreams, » a dreamy hardware jam. Unai Trotti’s « La Canoha » finds a great balance between punchy and hypnotic, a sound you can hear in his sets as a Cartulis resident in London. On « Twisted And Melted, » the young Italian producer And.rea hones the tight, breaky sound of his earlier releases, showing a command of catchy melody that was sometimes missing before.