Various – Assembling 2 EP 

  • Label : Assemblé Music
  • Artist :  Seuil, Robin Ordell, Barbir & Martyné & Jacob
  • Remixers : No
  • Title : Breakfast In Arkham  (EP)
  • Cat. : DISOCBAR005
  • Vinyl Release: September 2017
  • Digi Release : –
  • Tracklist :
  1. Seuil – Jam 151015
  2. Robin Ordell – Mobsiw
  3. Barbir – Howtocalculate
  4. Martyné & Jacob – ElectroNetto

Assemble Music brings together four more producers at the forefront of today’s fine minimal/house/electro scene. Eklo boss Seuil kicks things off with JAM, a slowly-unfolding confection of metallic percussion and rolling bass set against a meditative, minor backdrop. His fellow Half Baked resident Robin Ordell brings a tipsy-sounding vibe to MOBSIW, each element swaying its way around the others in an off-key dance. Les Points’ Barbir adds Detroit hats to a no-shits-given breakbeat and suspends it in time, before finally a 4/4 kick comes to put feet back on the ground. Finally, Traffic founders Martyné and Jacob draw on more contemporary breaks and electro influences on ELECTRONETTO, with that laissez-faire swing with which their label has become synonymous.