John Dimas – Telexistence (ep) 

  • Label: Metereze
  • Artist: John Dimas
  • Remixers: –
  • Title: Telexistence
  • Cat.: MTRZ008
  • Vinyl Release: Sept 2017
  • Digi Release: –
  • Tracklist :
  1. Illusion
  2. Virtual
  3. Immersion
  4. Telexistence

Metereze follows its karmic path of delivering stomping dance floor oriented cuts, this time with the help of John Dimas, expressed into the Telexistence EP.

Working both as access keys as well as soul transporters, the 4 tracks are a peek into an alternate reality, where room filling baselines go as mood uplifters along with the textured chords that submerge the crowd into the deep waters of dreamy house music.


The four-track release lands on Raresh’s label in June.

The next record on Metereze will be John Dimas‘s TelexistenceEP. 

Dimas is the first non-Romanian artist to sign to Metereze, the label founded by Raresh in 2013. Telexistence sees the Greek producer deliver four atmospheric house tracks in line with the tunes he’s released on labels such as raum…musik, Overall Music and Taverna Tracks. It follows Sublee’s RA recommended Ideepsum LP on Metereze, released last December. A key Romanian label, Metereze has released career-defining records from artists such as Barac, Melodie and Dubtil. 

Stream samples from Telexistence at ourown

Words / Matt Unicomb