Artist: Fritz & Lang
Title: Confessions (This Ain’t Time For) EP
Label: Airdrop Records
Cat. No: AD DIG 021
Format: Digital
Release Date: 23rd April 2012
Style: Nu-Disco / House


French-Argentine duo Fritz & Lang left a strong impression last year with their debut effort – the Crash EP, released in February 2011, included the hit of the same name and stunning remixes by Maya Jane Coles and Feadz.

Fritz & Lang is the fresh collaboration between Parisian Francois Touin –  a professional synth head, and the Argentine Nico Stofenmacher – better known through his work on igloo-rec as part of Elephant Pixel.

Developing their sound further down their very own electro-disco alley, the duo present here three new original numbers, stamped with the F&L quality seal. The title track, « Confessions » slowly builds up through a warm and steady blend of synths and vocals, a crazy mix previously only heard on Fritz & Lang productions. Their chic yet relaxed and quirky vibes lead onto the track’s main vocal lines, making for a perfect spring opener.

« B4U » takes the tempo up a notch, never leaving the warmth behind. Synth melodies cross their ways in and out of each other building for an epic momentum. « Rain Again » is some pure nu-disco filter vocoding action, on which Stofenmacher lets his vocal talent steal the show.

When Fritz & Lang met Death on the Balcony in Berlin, both duos came together for a listening session and our friends from Leeds decided to take « Confessions » in for a make up session… it came out fully decked out, with shiny dancing shoes and mid ’90s glitz… Jef K and studio partner Gwen Maze, pulled out their best rolling basslines, straightening the mix for full floor effect.

They Like it

Solomun – « B4U is the standout for me on this release. Gonna try it out for sure!”

Soul Clap -« Rain Again! Such a cooool vocal… and weird. ☺ »

Lee Curtiss – « This is such a great Remix from Death On The Balcony! Playing this! »

Silicone Soul – « Ahhhh, the pleasure of a new « Airdrop »… lovely deepness throughout esp. both mixes of Confessions. »

Lee Jones – « I LOVE the Death on the Balcony Remix. Definitely playing and charting that! »

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