Le Loup – 4 My Homie EP

A1 Lost Treasure
A2 Sweet Touch
B Reverie feat. Seuil
C1 Ghettos of the Mind
C2 The Mystery Unfolds
D1 Brotherland
D2 Sundance


Leonard Perret aka Le Loup stays true to his roots linking up with impressing Parisian imprint Eklo with ‘4 My Homie’ – a limited pressing, seven-tracker and the first double vinyl release on the label to date.

Things open up in a laid back and seductive manner, with ‘Lost Treasure’ commencing with stripped back drums and rolling snares welcoming a layer of warm reversed chords to take centre stage. Driven by a squelchy disco-like baseline, soulful vocals snippets and warm pads, ‘Sweet Touch’ is a funk-laden groove that does not quit. The flip then welcomes label head Seuil to the foray for ‘Reverie’, and the collaboration delivers an epic, hypnotising and constantly evolving piece.
The C-side steps things up a gear with a couple of dance floor weapons. ‘Ghetto Of The Mind’ rumbles along to a 909 influenced percussive track, which gains depth and space when met with a deep male vocal, Rhodes chords, and atmospheric pads. ‘Mystery Unfolds’ is a constant builder, unfolding gradually around a raw beat to reveal deep stabs, skipping hats and a killer bassline.
Things deepen up on the D-side with ‘Brother Land’ blending deep chords, pads and tribal bongs around an irresistible bassline, while ‘Sundance’ has more of a sampled hip hop feel to begin with until a subtle kick emerges along with a soulful vocal to give the track a new incentive.
The young Frenchman Le Loup has quickly made a name for himself as an accomplished purveyor of house music, successfully spanning many styles and genres throughout his short but incredibly sweet career – this release might just prove to be a collectors item in years to come.


Gscene (UK)
De:Bug (Germany)
Raveline (Germany)
Trax (France)
UK: Rinse FM (T. Williams) 24/06/12 (sweet touch)
UK: Rinse FM (T. Williams) 24/06/12 (ghettos of the mind)
UK: Ministry Of Sound (2 deep house) 30/06/12 (lost treasure)
UK: Ministry Of Sound (2 deep house) 30/06/12 (reverie)
Germany: Radio Corax (Further In Fusion) 27/06/12 (lost treasure)
Germany: Colair FM (Sunday Eve Show) 17/06/12 (reverie)
Germany: Fritz FM (Nightflight) 22/06/12 (reverie)
France: Galaxie FM (Switch House) 29/06/12 (sundance)
France: Galaxie FM (Switch House) 29/06/12 (brother land)
France: Galaxie FM (Switch House) 29/06/12 (ghettos of the mind)
France: Galaxie FM (Switch House) 29/06/12 (lost treasure)
France: Laurent N. Special Radio Show: 20/06/12 (lost treasure)
Syndicated: Bora Bora (Dave Gallier) 25/06/12 (ghettos of the mind)
Syndicated: Bora Bora (Dave Gallier) 25/06/12 (sun dance)
Syndicated: Bora Bora (Dave Gallier) 25/06/12 (ghettos of the mind)
Syndicated: Bora Bora (Dave Gallier) 25/06/12 (sun dance)
Latvia: Capital Radio (Dance Box) 28/06/12 (mystery unfolds)
Serbia: Radio AS FM (Christalization) 15/06/12 (lost treasure)
USA: KCRW (Mario Cotto) 24/06/12 (sweet touch)


You could be forgiven for thinking that a seven-track EP hints at a scattergun approach—throw enough at the punters and some of it will stick. But that’s not the case for Leonard Perret’s elephantine EP for Seuil’s Eklo imprint. 4 My Homie is more like a finely-crafted album minus the fillers.

It kicks off with « Lost Treasure, » a snappy, percussive techy track with glistening pads that have been flipped backwards. « Sweet Touch » is just plain beautiful, reverberating with deep analogue funk stabs, breathy angelic sighs, primeval grunts and a welcome return to those lesser-spotted congas that once populated every house tune circa 1999. Seuil joins Le Loup for the epic, shape-shifting « Réverie, » occupying the crease for over 11 minutes across skeletal samba beats and submarine sonar blips before three-quarters of the way through it morphs into a growling, squelching techno workout of complex rhythmical structure.

« Ghettos of the Mind » creates a Knuckles-type early house groove out of a lugubrious male vocal sample and fizzing 909 drums, while « Mystery Unfolds » thunders along to an angry bass kick and hissing snares. « Brother Land » harnesses smoky Detroit-ish pads and ethereal noddling, before « Sundance » leads us back towards the mood of « Sweet Touch » with its jazzy St Germain-esque vocal loops, banks of comforting synths and semi-recumbent hip-hop beats. The frightening/exciting thing is that if this is an EP, what’s an album going to sound like?

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Wed, 18 July 2012

Ibiza Deejay
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EQTV.dj – Record Of The Day

Leonard Perret talks us through 4 My Homie, his limited-pressing seven-tracker for Parisian imprint Eklo…

Le Loup
4 My Homie EP (Lost Treasure; Sweet Touch; Réverie Feat. Seuil; Ghettos Of The Mind; Mystery Unfolds; Brother Land; Sundance)

Describe the record in five words.
This is for my homie.

What is it about this record that will appeal to the fans?
I really paid attention to a selection of samples and stayed true to the direction I wanted to go in. I hope the fans will appreciate that.

How does it differ from your last release?
I’m starting to show and evolve what I love in different styles, not only house or hip hop, but techno and more minimal abstract sounds too.

What was the inspiration for this release?
This record is entirely dedicated to my late friend Rémi.

If you had the chance to play this in any club, which would it be?
CDV or Robert Johnson.


4 My Homie is out on Eklo. Visit www.soundcloud.com/leloupmusic and www.facebook.com/pages/Eklo-Music/165552126443


colette: D side is honey to my hears, reminds me of Chez Damier´s groove, le Loup is making a proper job