Robsoul Recordings, the house record label run by Phil Weeks since 2000, is set to release a series of six mini-albums showcasing the producers who have helped shape its sound. Simply named ‘Best Of Robsoul’ the series will feature a selection of standout tracks in each installment from DJ Sneak, DJ W!LD, Chris Carrier, Joss Moog, Fries & Bridges and Phil Weeks.  The first release comes from Chris Carrier on 10th August and will be followed by a new installment each week, finalized by Fries & Bridges on 14th September.

Chris Carrier Best Of includes

Cabaret Des Belles Lettres
Get Down
Harlem Square Club
East Love
You Can’t Hide
Higher Education
Untitled A


Full release schedule 

10th August 12
BO Robsoul
Chris Carrier
17th August 12
BO Robsoul
DJ Sneak
24th August 12
BO Robsoul
Phil Weeks
31st August 12
BO Robsoul
Joss Moog
7th Sept. 12
BO Robsoul
14th Sept. 12
BO Robsoul
Fries & Bridges