Following releases featuring Tom Ellis, Basic Soul Unit, Kris Wadsworth and Ruthit, Newcasltes (UK) Turquoise Blue delivers the Sound-byte EP from Dogmatik, Crosstown Rebels and Hot Creations stalwart, Alex Arnout.

From running underground parties in his native Sheffield to his Dogmatik label (a label which has unearthed many a talent, including Maya Jane Coles), Arnout is a veteran of house music and has pretty much done it all. His productions continually win strong support across those who matter and his  engineering/collaborations with the likes of Clive Henry always deliver.

The Sound-Byte EP from the affable London-Based producer sees him deliver sine-heavy, rounded and warm deep house in two original tracks, GiveU and Movements in Soul.

GiveU opens the EP with creeping melodies, bubbling bottom end and endless melodic interplay. Delayed vocal snippets are teased throughout but when the whole, dreamy refrain opens up the track goes into overdrive, albeit a subtle and well-judged one.

French production maestro Jef K turns in the first remix of GiveU and the result is an unpredictable slice of analogue heaven. The Drums skip and the filters and synths open and trigger of what seems to be their own accord – making for a joyful, refreshing version.

Gwen Maze, an on-going Jef K collaborator and strong artist in his own right, turns in the final interpretation of GiveU in his Sweet Dub where 90s drums, funky bass drops and the originals vocals are counterpointed with moody chords skilfully.

The R&B licked vocal house of Movements in Soul is the last original of the EP and it shows why Arnout has been snapped up for Hot Creations in the past while the hotly tipped Laura Jones serves up an eerie, peak time version appropriately drenched in electronic soul. This is a superb EP featuring some of the strongest names in house in one five track package.