( djebali ) presents Rhythm&Soul

  • Label : ( djebali )
  • Artist : Rhythm&Soul
  • Remixers : Two Diggers
  • Title : (djebali) presents Rhythm&Soul (EP)
  • Cat. : DJEBPR05
  • Vinyl Release: October 2015
  • Digi Release : No
  • Tracklist :
  1. String of Lies
  2. String of Lies (Two Diggers remix)
  3. Stay True
  4. 16 Jam Allstars

Yo! It’s time for ( djebali ) presents to bring you another fresh batch of music from an equally fresh artist hand-picked by Djebali himself. This time around we have Spanish stylist Rhythm&Soul delivering a laid back groover of an EP, with sultry, jazz-inflected riddims from beginning to end. As always, the remix comes from the previous contributor to the vinyl-only label, in this case it’s Two Diggers getting busy on the rework tip.

We’re eased in to the four-tracker with ‘Strings Of Lies’ an ultra smooth roller that works off a sweet melody, twinkling over a sturdy b-line that will have you grimacing with delight. Two Diggers slip the script with their interpretation, giving it a mysterious vibe, still pushing a full-bodied bassline but taking us into arcane realms.

On the B-side, Rhythm&Soul continues to grace us with a polished yet soulful atmosphere across two more superb productions. ‘Stay True’ will lift you off your backside and have you stomping on the dance floor with its hefty beats, grumbling bass, bright pads and classic house-style vocal clips. You pleased to know that ’16 Jam Allstars’ is more of the same, exceptional percussion, a rough and ready bassline and a killer saxophone to get you in a sexy kind of mood.

Remember, as always, this is vinyl-only and limited in number.

Einzelkind-Another great release. Thanks !
PBR Streetgang- Great stuff again! like all of em but Jam Allstars is great. will Play on my Radio Show and out too
Mirco Violi- love it.full support!
Matt Tolfrey- Sick release, viva la France!!!
Javier Carballo- nice one!! class
Sishi Rosch- super solid EP, hard to pick a favorite. Support.
REda daRE- merci :)
Ryan Crosson- Classy deep house as always. Perfect way to end Summer.
Voitek (catnzdogz)- As usual quality.
Robert Dietz- « a1 and b2 for me, thanks.  »
Voitek (catnzdogz)- again amazing record love the original and the remix !! thanks /greg
Hanfry Martinez- stay Tune is killer!! nice release. I love it ! thanks Guys !