26 years of gestation, a slow but precise maturation, lead us to the urge, almost the necessity of doing a label, one that will bring further the music and the culture Rex Club always fought for.

And here we go ! After 26 years of existence, of countless beautiful nights given to generations of clubbers, it’s with the same high standards Rex Club is now starting a new adventure : REX CLUB MUSIC. A new entity is born, a label that reflects the club : eclectic and on the edge, where residents, newcomers and internationally acclaimed artists take turns. An effervescence, just like the club and its bookings, open but also faithful.

Under the direction of Molly’s A&R, Original tracks, Eps, Remixes, the platform is open! only one rule : quality and the same intransigence that made Rex Club what it it is today : a temple for electronic music.RCM

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