Diego Krause – FORAX 01 (ep) 

  • Label : Forax
  • Artist : Diego Krause
  • Remixers : –
  • Title : FORAX 01 (ep)
  • Cat. : FORAX001
  • Vinyl Release: April 2020
  • Digi Release :  x
  • Tracklist :
  1. Turn
  2. Days gone by
  3. Greed
  4. Rise



Introducing Forax, a new label conceived and managed by Diego Krause. The German selector and producer has been busy behind-the-scenes, setting up the new platform as a space for him to explore a groovy, dance floor-focused sound. Forax focuses on unpretentious electronic music, designed to move your body, no thinking involved. In the coming months, expect to hear more solo endeavours from Diego with a sprinkling of productions from his peers. For now, here’s the label’s first offering, a taste of things to come…

When you put the needle on the record, your first encounter will be with ‘Turn’, an unfussy cut with clinical swung drums and a whimsical riff. Deep groovy bass locks you into the rhythm, as Diego peppers the background with unusual sounds and effects. Dance floor-focused yet full of character and with no compromise on style…

Next up is ‘Days Gone By’, a funky yet elegant workout featuring Diego’s trademark level of detail. The elasticated bassline stretches out and snaps back into place complementing the pumping beats. In the top end chirpy organ keys give this one a sense of joy and optimism.

On the flip we have ‘Greed’, a sleazy cut that struts along with purpose. Distorted vocal clips appear to be uttering some indecipherable instructions while a mean b-line dominates the low end. Diego utilises some clever productions tricks, breaking up the track with the occasional sudden halt, allowing some breathing space before the groove sweeps us up again.

Finally, ‘Rise’ completes the EP. It’s deep and subtle, with multiple layers working in unison to form a seemingly minimal cut. In among the crisp beats and rolling rhythms there are shards of vocal, fizzing effects, clashing swords, and much more. All in all it makes for a mesmerising finish to an excellent EP…