Tommy Vicari Jnr – Deville Harveste (Terence:Terry: remix) (12″) 

  • Label: Frenzy
  • Artist: Tommy Vicari Jnr
  • Remixers: Terence:Terry:
  • Title: Deville Harveste
  • Cat.: FNZY004
  • Vinyl Release: May 2018
  • Digi Release: x
  • Tracklist :
  1.  Tommy Vicari Jnr – Deville Harveste
  2. Tommy Viari Jnr – Hyst Erias
  3. Tommy Viari Jnr – Deville Harveste (Terence:Terry: Remix)
New Frenzy’s on the line: 2 original tracks by the talented Tommy Vicari Jnr.
We’ve been waiting for the right moment to release this special EP. Now is the time to reveal « Deville Harveste » and « Hyst Erias », two House tracks with the unmistakable underground style of Tommy Vicari Jnr.
To make this vinyl even more special, we have a bombastic remix of Terence Terry for « Deville Harveste ».
Artwork by Filipe Grilo