Larry De Kat (EP)

  • Label: Adult Only
  • Artist: Larry De Kat
  • Remixers: Phil Weeks
  • Title: 
  • Cat.: AO043
  • Vinyl Release: 21st May
  • Digi Release: No
  • Tracklist :
  1. Diks on gruds
  2. Noodlez
  3. Diks on gruds (PHIL WEEKS remix)
  4. Um?

Continuing to push that deep, raw house sound Chris Carrier’s Adult Only label presents a brand new EP from Slapfunk affiliate and all round funkateer, Larry De Kat.

Larry keeps the grooves rolling in his native Holland, where he has close ties with the much respected Slapfunk Records, along with good friend Anil Aras. His back catalogue includes another French connection, with the young masters at Lazare Hoche Records. This time he links up with prolific producer Chris Carrier to give Adult Only a taste of his funky medicine.

On side A we have ‘Diks On Gruds’, a gruff dance floor banger with a deadly bassline and ultra crisp hats, which inject a solid energy from start to finish. On the flip another French hero, Phil Weeks, add his stomping Chicago flavour into the mix reworking the track with panache.

A2 is ‘Noodlez’, a quirky joint composed of odd sounds wriggling and whirring above a slinky bassline counterposed with choppy percussion. Finally, the EP closes out with ‘Um?’, a sombre affair which pumps and purrs with minimal composition – subtle effects in the arrangement bounce around the beats, while a mysterious voice creeps in and out of the background. Sublime…