Unai Trotti – Leon Y Cordero (12 ») 

  • Label : Lion & Lamb Rec
  • Artist : Unai Trotti, V3000 aka Voigtmann, Alex Celler, Andre King
  • Remixers :
  • Title : VA (ep)
  • Cat. : LL001
  • Vinyl Release: April 2020
  • Digi Release : 
  • Tracklist :
  1. V3000 – The Man Who Belongs To The Horizon
  2. Alex Celler – Rambutan
  3. Andre King – Floating Sensation – 2min Clip
  4. Unai Trotti – Leon Y Cordero – 2min Clip

Lion & Lamb Records emerges from the London-based community of underground electronic heads orbiting the venue of the same name.

Considering the quality of the events, you can drop the needle on this various artists joint safe in the knowledge the same high standards apply.

V3000 aka Voigtmann is up first with the ear-snagging machine funk of « The Man Who Belongs To The Horizon », before Alex Celler drops in some utterly cheeky, wriggling micro house naughtiness to add some spice to the after party.

Andre King brings things back to an electro tip for the edgy sci-fi noir of « Floating Sensation » and Unai Trotti restores the balance with some boisterous 4/4 bleep business.