Franck Roger – Yabba (Monsieur Georget remix) (12″)

  • Label: Home Invasion
  • Artist: Franck Roger
  • Remixer: Monsieur Georget
  • Title: Home Invasion 015
  • Cat.: HI15
  • Vinyl Release: June 2017
  • Digi Release: –
  • Tracklist :
  1. 809
  2. Bugz
  3. Yabba (Monsieur Georget Remix)
This release is gifted by a special remix from someone who needs no more introduction: Chris carrier aka Monsieur Georget delivers a dope remix of one of the track that Franck already released on Home Invasion and is called Yabba..
The idea is to give to our favourite remixers (cause we got some more good guys coming up) the freedom to choose one of the tracks that they like from the label catalogue.
Monsieur Georget built up a deep and hypnotic feeling on this one and we love it here, that’s why we went for a 45 rpm full side pressing to give it the best sound and dynamics.
On the flip side Franck delivers 809, a track wich is the result of the sync between the 909 and the 808 altogether. When it comes to speak about drum and some synths delighted by his own secret. Bugz is a simple ruff track coming out from the MPC wich we can ear from the drums, and some stabs samples coming thru his Vermona filter and passing by some external effects.. in and out its all about the jam here.