Various – To The Moon Phase I (EP) 

  • Label : Elephant Moon
  • Artist : Rinaldo Maka, Josh Tweek, John Dimas, Christian AB, Giammarco Orsini
  • Remixers : –
  • Title :
    To The Moon Phase I
  • Cat. : ELM1005
  • Vinyl Release: June 2016
  • Digi Release : –
  • Tracklist :
  1. Rinaldo Makaj – « Quasar »
  2. Josh Tweek – « Coffe Curves »
  3. John Dimas – « Locked Groove »
    Side 2
  4. Christian AB – « Oulton Road »
  5. Giammarco Orsini – « Elements Of Lights »
  6. Giammarco Orsini – « Locked Groove »

John Dimas hits us with a super dope batch of new music via his label Elephant Moon this Spring. The new release is a collection of music from several different artists and demonstrates the diversity of the label’s output. Across four brand new tracks we’re presented with smooth grooves, odd, whimsical sound design and dynamic dance floor rollers.

Things start off tentatively with Italian Rinaldo Makaj’s ‘Quasar’, a dreamy soundscape which envelopes you in its lush rhythms and deep, meditative bassline. Josh Tweek’s ‘Coffee Curves’ shares side A with ‘Quasar’, though the atmosphere is totally different. Confused robotic bleeps and effects pop up throughout, seemingly out of sync with the percussion while a sombre b-line rumbles below.

On the flip side we have ‘Oulton Road’ by Christian AB. A vibey cut, which encapsulates all that is great about the deeper end of house music; measured, emotive and utterly danceable. Accompanying ‘Oulton Road’ is ‘Element Of Lights’ by Gianmarco Orsini, a bouncing dance floor-ready slice of 4×4 rudeness.

There you go, four distinct styles from four skilled artists. Look out for the V/A in all good record shops!