( djebali ) presents 06 bY Swoy

  • Label: ( djebali )
  • Artist: Swoy
  • Remixers: Rhythm&Soul
  • Title: ( djebali ) presents 06
  • Cat.: DJEBPR06
  • Vinyl Release: June 2016
  • Digi Release: –
  • Tracklist :
  1. Catch a ride
  2. It s Quite Pert
  3. New Story
  4. New Story (Rhythm&Soul remix)

It’s summertime and the vibes keep on coming with the latest instalment from Paris’ prodigal son, Djebali via his platform for up and coming artists, Djebali Presents. This time around, we have Swoy – the alias of a Russian producer who has already had a degree of success under a different name.  Swoy presents three sparkling new tracks and, as with each Djebali Presents EP, the remix comes from the artist behind the last release – this time it’s Rhythm&Soul.

‘Catch A Ride’ gets things off to a punchy start with deadly drums injecting solid energy into the opening track. Smooth, serene pads lift us up into the billowing clouds and the bassline oozes amorous vibes. Up after that is the cheekily-titeld ‘It’s Quite Pert’, which is most certainly guaranteed to get you shaking that ass… pert or not! The low end is totally contagious and, in league with the skippy percussion will have you moving your backside from start to finish.

On the flip ‘New Story’ submerges us in its dark layers. As well as its heads-down atmosphere, there’s a strong element of funk here, as the bass swings under razor sharp snares and crisp hi-hats. Rhythm&Soul step up on remix duties and give us a more dance floor focused version, increasing the tempo and making everything a bit more lively.