Various – Le soleil et la mer (lp)

  • Label: La Vie En Rose
  • Artist: Löw-E, Jonny N’ Travis, Thomas Andrew
  • Remixer: –
  • Title: Le soleil et la mer (ep)
  • Cat.: LVR024
  • Vinyl Release: –
  • Digi Release: 31st July
  • Tracklist :
  1. Löw-E – Nebel
  2. Löw-E- Baros
  3. Thomas Andrew – Joe
  4. Jonny N’ Travis – Mml 27

After a deep exploration on Planet Rose, we continue our intrepid adventure with the next phase of the journey on La Vie En Rose. This time around it’s a various artists mini-compilation entitled ‘Le Soleil Et La Mer’ and comprised four brand new cuts from the label’s growing roster of talent. The full lineup for this mission includes Löw-e, an up and coming producer based in Berlin, plus Jonny N’ Travis an Italian duo who are part of the Keep On Daning family in Ibiza plus Thomas Andrew, an artist from Setes in the south of France.

‘Le Soleil Et La Mer’ showcases the club-orientated side of La Vie En Rose, taking us into the undiscovered territory of a new world with deep, dubby, atmospheric vibes throughout.

From the opening few notes of ‘Nebel’ by Löw-e you’re immediately submerged in a sea of low-end frequencies that will tap into your subconscious, luring you onto the dance floor for a sensual boogie. ‘Nebel’ is sultry, entrancing and groovy as hell, with Löw-e pacing things perfectly – gently applying new layers of funk to create subtle progression from start to finish.

The second slice of deepness is also the handiwork of Löw-e. Entitled ‘Baros’ it retains a glitchy air, similar to ‘Nebel’, but with more space and a myriad of odd effects and muted vocal clips embedded deep in its ether. He introduces detuned keys and a range of cosmic bleeps and whizzes to the mix, adding further depth.

Thomas Andrew joins the LVR fold with his beat-driven club-ready cut ‘Joe’. As soon as those percussive elements get rolling the infectious energy permeates out and into your body, encouraging you to move to its contagious rhythm. This is guaranteed to inject some energy into dance floor, a surefire killer.

Last up, we have the Italian duo Jonny N’ Travis with ‘MML27’, a tougher slice of avant-garde house music with heavy-hitting beats, and deep, immersive atmospherics. This is a straight up roller with lots of subtle details embedded in its layers and a potent, punchy energy. In combination the elements complement each other to produce a scintillating atmosphere.