Le Loup & Chris Carrier – Technical Failure (ep) 

  • Label: Shadow Play
  • Artist: Le Loup & Chris Carrier
  • Remixers: –
  • Title: Technical Failure 
  • Cat.: SP002
  • Vinyl Release: July 2017
  • Digi Release: –
  • Tracklist :
  1. Phoenix Lights
  2. Research Programm (Outro)
  3. Clouds Reflection
  4. V-Shape

Shadow Play, the brand new label owned by Parisian artist Le Loup and his partner Pura, drops its second release courtesy of the bossman himself alongside Chris Carrier. The two men got together in the studio and cooked up some tasty goodness.

The first of four tracks on this release is the intergalactic opus ‘Phoenix Lights’, which works off serene pads that transport you out into the cosmos, along with a warm, soothing bassline and electronic chirps and bleeps. ‘Research Programm (Outro)’ takes us into more obscure realms, as Chris Carrier and Le Loup sample a scientific vocal and create a mesmerising bed of sounds underneath it.

On the flip we kick off with ‘Clouds Reflection’, another track which features a sample from an old instructional video. This track has minimal composition, with dreamy astral pads, shuffling beats and a grumbling low end. In the second half Chris and Le Loup introduce more twinkling FX, to engage and hypnotise you…

To bring the EP to a close we’re presented with ‘V-Shape’, which begins with a layer of clever drum programming aimed straight at the hips. Once you’re moving get ready for the juicy bassline, and a sultry top end that grips you and gripping progression. The perfect to end an utterly fresh EP…