Chris Carrier ft Rhythm&Soul –  Voyage Direct Vol1  

  • Label: Jus Groove It
  • Artist: Chris Carrier, rhythm&soul
  • Remixers: –
  • Title: Voyage Direct Volume 1
  • Cat.: JUSG 003
  • Vinyl Release: July 2016
  • Digi Release: –
  • Tracklist :
  1. Dubbing meteors
  2. Space shuttle
  3. Sphere#1
Voyage direct Vol.1 is the first volume of the collaboration between Chris Carrier and Rhythm&Soul behind their machines. Two fellows that share one thing in common: their forward thinking way of understanding music. Chris doesn’t need any introduction as he’s one of the most respected artists of the scene and one of the most prolific producers. A big influence for many artists and of course for Jus Groove It owner, Rhythm&Soul. This Voyage direct Vol 1 EP, is a trip to the outer space. A “voyage” through modern beats and futuristic atmospheres. Grooving out of space…