Binh – Mandarine (ep) 

  • Label : Cabaret Recordings
  • Artist : Binh
  • Remixers : –
  • Title : Mandarine (ep)
  • Cat. : Cabaret021
  • Vinyl Release: 
  • Digi Release :January 2020
  • Tracklist :
  1. Mandarine
  2. Rolli Glitzer Kurz
  3. Beeboo



Resident Advsior Review

A masterclass in the art of the spooky loop from a producer at his peak.

Can three tracks be magisterial? Listening to Binh’s latest EP on his home away from home, Cabaret, I keep returning to this word. These aren’t Binh’s most memorable tracks, but they’re confident in a way that points to an strong grasp of a sound. This is even more striking when we factor in, as a Discogs user notes, the record’s improvisational feel. It sounds like dialing into a late night jam session that has been happening for hours. But the feel isn’t three shots of peppermint schnapps playing catch-up. It’s a soft landing into the mind of a producer at his peak.

This is especially true of « Mandarine. » The song has a jazziness, if not in content then in form. The rhythm stays steady, while different melodies take turns playing the lead. Some zippy bleeps at the start, a bounced melody and an acid line, before a boozy astronaut grabs the synth and offers us some warbled transmissions from the cosmos. « Rolli Glitzer Kurz » is what we could call the « Halloween techno » that Binh has helped popularize (what Mark Smith hailed as Binh’s « demented atmospheres« ). Minor chords, a plucked synth, and snares low in the mix give the track an uneasiness akin to whiteknuckled driving through Sleepy Hollow with the headlights dimmed. If « Rolli Glitzer Kurz » is Halloween, « Beeboo » is the morning after. Reverb-laced percussion and lazy chords don’t so much as alleviate the anxiety as diffuse it, like spots of light through the Jack-o’-lantern’s grin.