TVFROM86Trodge Advice (Marion Poncet remix) (ep) 

  • Label: FuFu Records
  • Artist:TVFROM86
  • Remixers: Marion Poncet, Paul Cut
  • Title: Turenne (ep)
  • Cat.: FUFU001
  • Vinyl Release: May 2018
  • Digi Release: –
  • Tracklist :
  1. Trodge Advice
  2. Dont Get Lost
  3. Trodge Advice (Marion Poncet remix)
  4. Dont Get Lost (Paul Cut remix)

The first release on FuFu Records is made by TVFROM86, parisian digger, producer & founder of “In The Box Records”.

The talented sampling boy Thomas Zander, under his nickname TVFROM86 will release his third EP.
Side A, TVFROM86 produced two wonderful tracks with inspiration Hip Hop & Jazz combined with special vocals during the breaks.

Side B, Marion Poncet did a super Housy breaky remix of Trodge Advice and the talented producer and Piannist Paul Cut brought his groovy touch.