( djebali ) Reworks 04 bY Tuccillo, Mandar 

  • Label : ( djebali )
  • Artist : djebali
  • Remixers : Tuccillo, Mandar
  • Title : Reworks 04 (EP)
  • Cat. : DJEBRW04
  • Vinyl Release: February 2016
  • Digi Release : No
  • Tracklist :
  1. O’riginal Rude Boy (Tuccillo mix)
  2. Juicy Street (Mandar mix)


Time for another batch of freshness from Djebali’s superlative reworks label. The vinyl-only platform serves as an outlet for remixes of his own original works, which were released through his self-titled record label. On ( djebali ) reworks we’re presented with new incarnations of his material from industry buddies and this time around we have more top quality material.

First up is a remix of ‘Original Rude Boy’, which came out on ( djebali ) 05 back in 2012. Four years on and Djebali’s good friend Tuccillo has taken the original parts to his Ibiza studio and given them a new lick of paint. His rework retains much of the original vibe, albeit with a sleazier atmosphere. Sensual curves and intricate percussion make this a surefire winner.

On the flip, the trio known as Mandar (Lazare Hoche, Malin Genie and Samuel Andre Madsen) unleash their first ever remix, taking ‘Juicy Street’ and injecting it with some fidgety energy. Whereas the original mix strolled along at a leisurely pace, the Mandar reboot zips along with aplomb – chunky beats and a gnarly bassline turning it into a groovy dance floor weapon.


Early Feebdack

Dan Ghenacia – 2 wicked remixes :)
Dubfire – cool stuff , thanks!!
Raresh – mandar remix for me . merci
Dorian Paic – mandar mix is nice ! Will try it. cheers Dorian*
Voitek (catnzdogz) – love it, perfect remixes!! will play
Mr KS – Tucci remix is beautiful!
James What – very nice! Mandar remix for me, will play!
Calin Marian – Tuccillo for me, thanks!
Sishi Rosch – dope reworks!
Tania Vulcano – Really nice, will play both tracks !!!!!!! Thank for the music!!!!!
wahi – Always love Djebali’s music
Mirco Violi – Nice tracks.full support!
Simon Baker – Mandar mix is nice. Liking.
Willie Graff – Thanks for sending this.Killer remix from Mandar here!!! Will play for sure.Deee groovy!!
Javier Carballo – top release like always!! thank u :)!
Adam Chappell – Bomb tracks :)
okain – Au top les deux remixes! merci