(djebali) presents REda daRE (EP) 

  • Label : (djebali)
  • Artist : REda daRE
  • Remixers : House Of Warez
  • Title : (djebali) presents REda daRE (EP)
  • Cat. : DJEBPR #03
  • Vinyl Release : January 2015
  • Digi Release : No
  • Tracklist :
  1. Owl’s Bass
  2. Lux Aeterna
  3. Dualizm
  4. Dualizm (House of Warrez Remix)


For the third instalment of ( djebali ) presents – a series  of hand-picked producers bringing the freshest House sounds – comes Parisian-turned-Londoner  Reda Dare.

A 4-track package that kicks off with ‘Owl’s Bass’, a treat for the nocturnal party creatures, the owl’s calling is supplemented with a bouncy beat and sporadic, funky touches of keys. Sliding into ‘Lux Eaterna’ comes an ultra-smooth joint of warm pads and slurred vocals, but though dreamy in nature is still full of dance. On the flip side ‘Dualizm’ brings the underlying groove and deepness that is so charismatic of the label sound. As with every ( djebali ) presents release, a remix is included from the previous  EP’s artist, meaning that House Of Warez, the duo of Justin Harris and Hanfry Martinez, step up to the plate to impress once more. Taking ‘Dualizm’ to a clubbier dimension, an accelerating bass injects drive here and there, while the overlaying synths retain enough of the originals softness.

As always, vinyl-only and in limited supply.