( djebali ) extra 03 bY Premiesku 

  • Label : ( djebali )
  • Artist : Premiesku
  • Remixers : Djebali
  • Title : (djebali) extra 03 (EP)
  • Cat. : DJEBEX03
  • Vinyl Release: December 2015
  • Digi Release : No
  • Tracklist :
  1. In My Chek
  2. In My Chek (Djebali remix)

Incoming! Paris underground label ( djebali ) unveils the latest release from its offshoot ( djebali ) extra with two deadly new tracks to get the dancefloor bouncing.

Romanian trio Premiesku (Livio & Roby and George G) are the team behind this shiny new slab of vinyl, with label head Djebali adding his own lick of Paris spice to the track with a remix on the flipside.

‘In My Chek’ kicks in with typically unique percussion, skipping beats with swirling pads form the basis of the intro. A sultry bassline comes forth together with a pitched-down vocal clip. Simplicity is the key here, as the track marches forward, keeping the rhythm incessant throughout.

On side B Djebali retains some of the percussive elements of the original while throwing down with a infectious funky b-line to get your head nodding. As the track progresses a soft, bright pad rises and falls, coming to prominence midway through. Sublime.

What They Say About it

Anthony Collins- in my chek is very nice
Boris Werner- Sublime cuts from both of them, will rock the casbah fe shoooo!!
Clive Henry- like both mixes while Djebalis remix has that distinct french flavour to it!!
D’Julz- another premiesku bomb , full support as usual :)
Dubfire- cool stuff!!
Ekkohaus- Solid tracks, digging both versions, thanks…
Franck Roger- excellent ep
Guti- Premieskuuuuu!!
Hanfry Martinez- i love it , Full support !
Huxley- feeling the original, but djebali mix is my favourite! boss!
Igor Vicente- party here :) love it, perfect combi will play till death,
Javier Carballo- yeeeees! nice original and remix!
Julietta- always nice, always good :)
Kate Simko- Both tracks are very cool!
Mirco Violi- Nice tracks
Mr KS- djebali remix
Nicolas Matar- Amazing track. Full support from Output NYC.
REda daRE- big support
Rhythm&Soul- Super release as usual on (Djebali)!! Both tracks are dope even if i have a crush for Djebali’s remix!
Ryan Crosson- nice djebali mix USA (Detroit) 2015-12-10 01:36:46
Sebo K- dope package!
Sishi Rosch- both tracks are bomb.
Terence:Terry:- LOVE BOTH ,BIG BOMBS !
Tobi Neumann- Wow, the groove of In My Chek (original) is massive. And the classic house chords makes shapes it perfect in my ears. Thanks, Tobi
Vincent Lemieux- Both tracks are really cool. Thanks for the promo!
Willie Graff- « Nice tracks,as usual.I like the original version here.