Frank & Tony – Frank & Tony 002

1. I Fall

2. Marigolds

Label: Frank & Tony

Released: 16th July 2012

Distribution: Halcyon Cat no: F&T002

Frank & Tony aka Anthony Collins and Francis Harris present their second release on self named record label Frank & Tony Records, which is a the offshoot to their Scissor

& Thread label – a stunning two tracker showcasing immaculate production skills and shining with Balearic harmony.


‘I Fall’ gets to work with a powerful bass and slick raw kick. The blissful, dreamy vocal  (by Gry – the singer with the angelic voice we all loved so much on the Francis  Harris  ‘Leland’  album)  soon  sweeps  into  the  mix  to  unfold  a  beautifully smooth slice of quality house music. Melodic keys and seamless synth flows add an extra dose of real class.

‘Marigolds’ is bursting with groove as a funk ridden, down tempo house beat leads the way. The magnetic flow of warm reverbing keys swell and fall through the infectious male vocal which is sang by Bob Moses


Frank  &  Tony  made  their  first  impact  with  F&T  001  earlier  this  year  when  they

‘Worked’ you on one side with the help of Bob Moses while new Scissor & Thread star, Corbu, skated ‘Rings’ around you on the flip. This time they are releasing on

their Scissor & Thread offshoot Frank & Tony Records. A dream team of the highest caliber, Anthony Collins is the French house hero who has released on labels such as Freak n Chic, Curle, Vakant and Horizontal with remixes for key players including

Ricardo Villalobos. Francis Harris who is often known as Adultnapper was born and bred in the USA, releasing on highly acclaimed labels including Culprit, My Favourite Robot, Ransom Note and Nummer. Keep an eye out for what else this dynamic duo has in store.


De:Bug (Germany)
Raveline (Germany)
Gscene (UK)

Syndicated: The Global Network (Pete Gooding) – Frank & Tong guest mix – 20/07/12

UK: Ministry Of Sound (House of X-Press2) 28/06/12 (I fall)
Germany: Fritz FM (Nightflight) 29/06/12 (marigold)
Germany: Dasding Radio (Stephan Hinz) 1/07/12 (I fall)
Germany: Dasding Radio (Stephan Hinz) 8/07/12 (marigold)
Germany: Radio Corax (Further In Fusion) 11/07/12 (i fall)
Greece: BEST radio (George Kampouris) 30/06/12 (I fall)
Greece: BEST radio (George Kampouris) 30/06/12 (marigold)
Greece: BEST radio (George Kampouris) 9/07/12 (I Fall)
USA: KCRW (Mario Cotto) 1/07/12 (I fall)
USA: KCRW (Mario Cotto) 24/06/12 (marigold)
Switzerland: DRS Virus Radio (Musikerdaktion) 5/07/12 (I fall)
Syndicated: The Global Network (Pete Gooding) 6/07/12 (I fall)
Ireland: RTÉ Ireland (Attrnag) 5/07/12 (I fall)
France: Laurent N. Special Radio Show: 11/07/12 (marigold)
Ireland: RTÉ Ireland (Attrnag) 12/07/12 (I fall)
Ireland: Raidió na Life (Ar Do Shuaimhneas) 6/07/12 (I fall)

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They Like It

MANDY: will download. thank you for good music!

M A N I K: Marigold is nice. Will def rock this one. Cheers F&T

No Regular Play (Nick Debruyn): can´t do no wrong! love it

Tiefschwarz: amazing – i love this!

Franck Roger: nice production but not into it sorry

Subban : thanks like the marigold

Robert Owens: cool vibe on both tracks

Droog (Justin Sloe): I still haven´t thought about taking Frank & Tony 001out of my box. This release is lovely too, the vocals on both tracks are top notch. Big thumbs up

Meat: Very cool! Deep melancholig sexy tracks!

Severino: Marigold is pretty nice and chill…feeling it

Dirt Crew (Peter/ Break 3000): Lovely deep stuff by the boys! Great Music overall .. loving the vocal on « I Fall »


Tiefschwarz (Basti): superb release…thanx very much **

Seth Troxler: Downloaded for Seth Troxler, thank you.

Claude Von Stroke: DL for VonStroke

Soul Clap Promos: i fall is beautiful! can´t wait for the right moment to the sorrow and magic. a real tearjerker

Lee Foss: Downloading both, thanks

Matt Tolfrey: Loving both of these, great label!!!!!!!

Lee Curtiss: .

Luciano: thanks!

Chicken Lips (Steve Kotey): Icy yet warm, nice edge to the production. Will road test this weekend. thanks

Three: Marigold is fantastic. excited to see what these two get up next.

Noir: Special and outstanding. Might support on « Noir Recommends ».


Frank & Tony 01 went out exclusively in vinyl and is still available: