Récit de Voyage 1 (digi comp)  

  • Label: RDV
  • Artist: 
  • Remixers: 
  • Title: Culture
  • Cat.: BCRLP04
  • Vinyl Release: –
  • Digi Release: August 2018
  • Tracklist :
  1. Point Carré Quintet – Nat Edo 
  2. Dana Ruh – Your Style Plus 
  3. Aron – Miticas Journey 
  4. Marion Poncet – Distant De Touche 
  5. Molly – Quiet Spirit 
  6. Rafiki – Tolok Again 
  7. A77EN – Running 
  8. DJ GLC – Brazilian Affair 

Celebrating the new wave of sophisticated, evocative deep house emerging from across Europe, Recit De Voyage debut their first ever compilation, curated by label founder, Rex Club resident and celebrated Parisian DJ, Molly.

The tracklist combines upcoming artists either flourishing within Paris’s electronic music scene, or those connections established throughout Molly’s busy international touring schedule; artists who nonetheless encompass the rich depths and distinct attitude already established on previous Recit De Voyage releases. 
Parisian producer Point Carre Quintet opens the release with Nat Edo, a heady blend of frantic percussion which also establishes the emotional, hazy aesthetic often present throughout, while Rafiki’s ‘Tolok Again’ takes a raw dive into itself, building supreme tension with nervy stabs and feedback.

Cribbed from further afield, Aron’s ‘Mitica’s Journey’ embarks down a soothing, spiritual path, while fellow newcomer A77EN conjures a charismatic groove on ‘Running’, evoking the simplistic but addictive roots of Detroit house throughout the 1980s.

Whether presenting as themselves or an alias, a sprinkling of more familiar names complete RDV04, including Dan Ruh, contributing the fantastically filtered, almost weightless ‘Your Style’ and Marion Poncet, best known as Traumer, dives deeper than most dare during ‘Distance De Touche’. Proprietor of Shift Recordings, DJ GLC ably closes the record with colour and force via his ‘Brazilian Affair’.

Completing the lineup, Molly herself demonstrates her increasingly powerful ability to build suspense and extract euphoria from the simplest of elements during ‘Quiet Spirit’. Undoubtedly one of her most singular and confident productions thus far, it’s an ideal centerpiece to a collection of music in which the standard has been set exceedingly high, expertly capturing the spirit and confidence of a new generation.