Various – Prologue (ep)

  • Label: Highpath Records
  • Artist:  Stephane Ghenacia, Thomas Roland, Alex Arnout, Jedsa Soundorom, Taymor Zadeh
  • Remixer: Dan Ghenacia & Chris Carrier
  • Title: Prologue (ep)
  • Cat.: 001
  • Vinyl Release: – 
  • Digi Release: November 2017
  • Tracklist :
  1. Stephane Ghenacia & Thomas Roland – Punchdrunk Love
  2. Stephane Ghenacia & Thomas Roland – Punchdrunk Love (Chris Carrier & Stephane Ghenacia)
  3. Thomas Roland & Stephane Ghenacia – Piano
  4. Stephane Ghenacia & Thomas Roland –  Nael
  5.  Taymor Zadeh – WTFO
  6. Alex Arnout – Outer Places
  7. Jedsa Soundorom & Thomas Roland – Miou Miou
  8. Thomas Roland – 22ND Century

2017 has been a busy year for Stephane Ghenacia and Thomas Roland, having opened The Zoo Project Ibiza (and being called back for a huge 4-hour set just a couple of weeks later) as well as having performed in Fabric’s Room One – though most of their time has been devoted to tirelessly working on new tracks. August will see the duo launch their Highpath Records first release, ‘Prologue’, an eight track EP that embodies their sound, their passion and the Label.

In ‘PROLOGUE’ Stephane and Thomas combine their talents, together with contributions from Dan Ghenacia, Chris Carrier, Jedsa Soundorom, Alex Arnout & Taymor Zadeh to create this various artists; a release that exemplifies Highpath Records, diversity, quality and innovative sound.