Steve Lawler – Par Amour (ep)

  • Label: Viva Music
  • Artist: Steve Lawler
  • Remixer: Chris Carrier, 
  • Title: Par Amour
  • Cat.: VIVA141
  • Vinyl Release: –
  • Digi Release: August 2017
  • Tracklist :
  1. Par Amour
  2. Par Amour (Chris Carrier rmx)
Fair pour l’amour: longstanding Lawler’s unstoppable roll this year continues with his fourth release of 2017 so far. Following heavily-supported wounders and wonders on Roush, Robsoul and Turbo comes this cast-iron carnival of a bomb ‘Par Amour’. 
A rolling, drum-drenched groove with Lawler’s late-night signature scorched into every teasing drum fill and layered vocal texture, it’s peak after peak as we charge deep into the dance, driven by the infectious off-beat bass and consistent snare rattle. File under heads-down danger and keep it in that file for entire summer. 
Remix-wise it would be rude not to ask a French artist to add their twist to ‘Par Amour’ and Lawler’s invited the perfect man for the job. Switching Steve’s tight weaves of percussion to his signature slink and jack arrangement, fellow groove veteran Chris Carrier completely flips the construction while maintaining the persistent vocal loop and bubbling bass bounces.
Bon remix, bonne sortie, bons moments. Ressens l’amour!