Vibes against Vibes – Japan Benefit Compilation.

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Vibes against Vibes vol. 1 & 2 is a benefit compilation for the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Great artists from 11 countries have donated 20 tracks exclusively for this album.

The full proceeds will be donated to the disaster area, through Outdoor Gientai from mont-bell Japan. They are supporting the project of building a new type of the temporary housing community which allows people affected by the quake to keep their original community and to take advantages of natural energy such as solar power.



Portable, Ypacc, Los Updates, Salmon, Hip Tanaka.ex, Baiyon, Jaffa Surfer, Chris Carrier, Lorenzo Chiabotti, Dandy Jack and the Boo Kings, DJ iToy, Dj Olive, San Proper, AFFKT, Takuya Morita, Shane Berry, Fraben, Akiko Kiyama, Matt John, Eamonn Doyle, I Am Robot And Proud.

Art work by Jon Burgerman.

Tracklist Volume1

Extract Original Mix – Portable
Mirage feat. Mia & Christina Wheeler Original Mix – Yapacc
Live At Leeds Original Mix – Los Updates
Small Light Original Mix – Salmon
White Breath Dub Original Mix – Baiyon, Hip Tanaka.ex
Kombek Original Mix – Jaffa Surfa
Pistol Star Original Mix – Chris Carrier
Wood Snacks Original Mix – Baiyon, Lorenzo Chiabotti
Forbidden Planet US Original Mix – Dandy Jack, The Boo Kings
770Original Mix – DJ Itoy



Descanso Record Label

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V.A/Vibes against Vibes vol.2
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