Release date : February 1st Vinyl + Digital

1. Subb-an – Paris bébé (Original)
2. Subb-an – Paris bébé (Jef K, Gwen Maze and Pirres version)
3. Subb-an – Paris bébé (Dub) [Digi only]
4. Subb-an – Paris bébé (Jef K, Gwen Maze and Pirres dub version) [Digi only]

Since it kicked back into life in impressive fashion back in 2009 with Jef K and Chris Carrier’s « Morning EP », Silver Network has been building a head of steam with releases such as the mighty « In My System » by The Gathering, « Every Night » by Valentin ft. The Movans and most recently the fantastic « We Are Time And Space » from Leeds outfit, Death On The Balcony.

Originally launched in 1999, Jef K’s Silver Network rapidly established itself as a bastion of all that was good and great in House music. From its inception until its brief hiatus in 2007, Silver Network brought us music from the likes of Iz & Diz, Pepe Bradock, Freaks, Dixon, Ciudad Feliz, Fred Everything, Mark Farina and DJ Rasoul. The quality of the music has never been a doubt, thanks to the a&r’ing of Jef.

Release number 032 sees our courageous Parisian welcome yet another of the current crop of UK rising stars, Subb-an, with a track that was first conceived during a night in the French capital. Having enjoyed a successful gig and afterparty together, Jef and Ash found themselves constantly repeating a phrase that was going to give birth to the title track, « Paris is back bébé. » Having returned home, Ash made a call to Jef requesting that he record the phrase for a new composition. « Paris Bébé » was born.

Harnessing the extreme funk of the Subb-an original and reworking their own take is Jef, alongside is regular partner in crime Gwen Maze and Antwerp’s DJ Pirrés. Having kicked off the production process whilst at this years Sonar festival, the trio have finally completed the finishing touches and added possibly the years finest intro.

Subb-an (feat. Jef K) – Paris bébé (original mix) by silvernetwork
Subb-an paris bébé (jef k, g maze & pirres remix) by silvernetwork


What they say

Deetron – « The original is the best of the package for me. Will try it out. »
Ellen Allien – « Yeah Paris i hear you!!!  Will play the COOL Jef K Gwen Maze & Pirres Version. »
Marc Romboy – « This is such a great Original track from Subb-an & Jef!! Love it!”
Rodriguez Jr – « Stunning release once again from the label! Massive remix from the guys too.. Cant wait to play it. »
Lauhaus – « I love this!! Excellent release!! Will try it out this weekend. »
Lee Burridge – « I’ll be playing the Subb-an dub for sure. Like it. »
Pezzner – « Oh YES! Bad ass release guys!! Diggin the original very much! »
Diesel – (X-Press 2) – « Subb-an is really killing it right now. Massive!! »
Okain – « Great release! These guys really put Paris back on the map! Subb-an Dub for me. »
Danny Howells – « I LOVE the Jef K Gwen Maze & Pirres Version! Gonna be spinning this!!  »
Mathias Kaden – « Paris Bebe Dub mix is the standout for me on this release… Gonna play it! Thanks for sending. »
Yousef – « All about the original dub for me!! Great work Subb-an!! »
Chris Carrier – « Really nice release bro!  Gonna plump for the dub. »
Funk D’Void – « Jef K Gwen Maze & Pirres Version… Amaze! Love!! Fantastique!  »
Sebo K – « Another excellent Silver Network remix. Jef K Gwen Maze & Pirres get my support. »
Anthea – « Paris Bebe Dub – Subbbbbb!  Playing! »
Ali – (Tiefschwarz) – « I LOVE the whole release guys!! Keep it up!”
Terry Francis – (Fabric London) – « Nice release again guys. Jef K, Gwen Maze and Pirres Dub my fav here!”
Anthony Collins – « This is a really fun ep!! Original my fav for now.”
Nico Lahs – « This is a really cool ep! Full support from me on the K, Maze & Pirres version..YESSA!!! »
Fritz Zander (Zander VT) – « Very cool. Liking the tease of the bassline in the break. I’ll definitely be playing Ash’s dub! »
Alland Byallo – « Excuse me, I’m an American man… and I’m afraid these are super dope! Dubs for me. »
Eats Everything – « Really feeling the whole EP. Subb-An as per usual delivers a « chunkier than everyone else » record. Really feeling the Jef K, Gwen & Pirres Mixes as well. Hard to pick a fave but I am going for the Subb-An dub. »
Kasper – « This is a GREAT record! Liking Jeff and Gwen’s remix the most I think! Big love!! »
Chaim – « Now this is a stellar package!!! Jef, Gwen & Pirres winning for me! »
Fred Everything – « Nice EP, perfect for one of those San Francisco underground parties. »
Daniel – (Trickski) – « Subb-an is on fire these days! Superb package! thank you! »
T. Williams – « Loving the Jef K Gwen Maze & Pirres Dub Version!! Playing that for sure!”
Riva Starr – « The Original from Subb-an is a BOMB!!! »
Franco Cinelli – « Great Stuff as always from Subb-an and Silver Network  The K, Maze & Pirres dub is my fav. Thanks!! »
Matt Tolfrey – « Great release and just in time for me to play in Paris this weekend!!! Jef K remix my fav. »
Le Loup – « Funny record!! Always some love for my man Jef K!! »
Rocco (Rodamaal) – « Nice Ep!! Jef k Gwen Maze & Pirres is def gonna work the best for me! »
Richard Ahmed – “Subb_an’s original is just WICKED!!!  »
Reboot – « This is another great ep from Silver Network! Full support from me on the Jef K, Maze & Pirres remix!! »
Smokin’ Jo – “LOVIN’ these Jef K, Maze & Pirres mixes!! They are KILLA!! I will be hammering these.”
Ian Pooley – “What a raw dub from Jef a the guys. Will fit perfectly into my Relief/Cajual sets!!”
Voitek – (Catz n Dogz) – “Really cool release… really diverse. Will rock these mixes.”
Anja Schneider – “Great package! Original and especially Jef K and Gwen Maze ! Will play them. For sure ..”



Jose Maria Ramon – (Ibiza Global Radio) – « Original is great!!! Full support from Ibiza Global Radio. »
Karlos Sense – (Ibiza Sonica) – « Will try all versions… Full support to Original..  »
Kiko Martínez – (DocePulgadas Radio Show Spain) – « Nice Tracks! Original & Jef K Gwen Maze & Pirres Version is for me. Support. »
Corin Arnold – (Music Editor BLN.FM Berlin) – « Sounding very good – downloading for music editors meeting.”
Only For DJ’s Magazine – « Original and remix are very nice. Pure house!! »
Sergio – ( – « Lovely Disco-Sound! »
Joe – (DJ Magazine) – « The Jef K version is a dirty jacker with a sexy je ne sais quoi. Playing tomorrow! »Colin Perkins – (Spin 1038 / Play FM Dublin) – « Paris Bebe is brilliant!! »
Sébastien B – (Paris One Radio) – « Original is a BOMB! Yeah! »
Makossa – (Radio fm4 / Vienna) – « Solid stuff from Silver Network! »
Diversions – (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) – « Love the playful original mix! »
Laurent N – (House Nation France) – « Original track is cool with a nice groove & remix by Jef K with the voice of Serge Gainsbourg : beautiful. I will play them for sure. SUPPORT!!! » – « This is a very good release! »
Scan Mode – (DJ Magazine Spain) – « All the tracks are amazing!! »
Kev O – ( – « Subb-An ….burn baby burn like disco inferno! »
De:Bug Magazine Germany – « Considering for review. »
Ignacio – ( – « The original is the one for me here! Will listen to the remix more in depth! nice release! »
Ben – (DJ Magazine) – « Great stuff. Short review in the next mag… »
Adam – (DJ Magazine) – « This is wicked. Jef K’s clinches it. Just. So chunky! »
Ed Karney – (Mixmag) – « Loving this release PARIS IS BACK!!! »