Artist : James Barnsley
Label : Overall Music
Cat # : OVLLM013
Genre : Deep House
Release Date: DECEMBER 2012
Trakclisting :
a1.-James Barnsley & Gavin Herlihy - In My Soul (original mix)
a2.-James Barnsley - Oh Shit (original mix)
b1.-James Barnsley & Gavin Herlihy - In My Soul (Jef K & Alex Murak dub remix)
b2.-James Barnsley - Oh Shit (Adam Shelton´s na shit remix)
Bonus digital - James Barnsley - Take it (original mix)

Leeds based James Barnsley debuts on Javier Carballo & Hanfry Martinez’s imprint Overall Music, alongside Gavin Herlihy with the Look Who’s Stalking EP featuring remixes from Jef K, Alex Murak and Adam Shelton, all artists making waves in the house music scene at the moment. This EP furthers the fact that Overall music is not holding back in providing some of the finest music deep house has to offer. 
A very British inspired deep house EP showcasing just a slice of the talent emerging from the UK at the moment and guaranteed to be at the front of every DJ’s record bag, ready to inject euphoria on the dancefloor during those all-important peak time hours. From the punchy house vibes of Jef K & Alex Murak to the deeper smoother remix from Adam Shelton, this EP delivers on all levels showcasing it’s versatility whilst maintaining its core personality. 
Another quality release from Overall who continue to push all the right buttons when it comes to top quality house music. 
Ensure you grab a copy and play it loud.

James Barnsley, Leeds native, a restless city when it comes to house music in the UK, is here with his debut on Overall Music. A rising start in his hometown, he brings two originals on his « Look Who’s Stalking » EP, where he shows his love for old school house music and classic sounds. In « In My Soul » he joins the great Gavin Herlihy (Crosstown Rebels, Culprit) to create a house cut with female voices, chord, strings and an overwhelming bass that will bring you back to an english club on the 90’s. On the other side James brings on « Oh Shit », a deep house super track with great effects and an elegant yet killer percussion for the dancefloor. The remixes come from the hands of 2 heavyweights on the international scene in these last years. Jef K and Alex Murak deliver a much more hypnotic vision of « In My Soul », making it a peak time house track. The second one, made by One Records co-owner Adam Shelton, is called « Oh Shit (Adam Shelton’s Na Shit Remix) », a piece where he submerges us into the depth of England’s deep house: classic and elegant, and with the right punch to make you shake your booty…

Listen , Dance & Enjoy!


What They Say

MARTIN LANDSKY : i really dig the jef k & alex murak dub 
mix…oh shit original is very nice too….
YAYA : Oh shit is cool, will try. Thanks.
MARCOS IN DUB : yaa!… dale jeff!!…
FELIPE VENEGAS : OH Shit , Sound really nice.
JUN AKIMOTO :support:))
MARTIN AQUINO here! Will get lots of playing 
time. Take it, Oh shit, and Oh shit remix by 
Shelts are zolidz!!
SEB ZITO :In my Soul orig mix is my fave, some nice 
garage sounds in there.
ONNO:Adam Shelton Remix Rocks!! Oh shit 
original is cool too!
JOHN DIMAS:Excellent package. Full support !!!
ANTHONY COLLINS: super nice package
FRANCK ROGER :Adam for the deep tracking tools vibe.. thxx
JAMIE FUNK: nice tracks..really feeling ‘in my soul’ 
original mix and Adams remix 
aswell…thanks for the music..support!
MIRCO VIOLI: great tracks.i will play for sure some of this 
SEBASTIAN WILCK:quality release. oh shit and take it are super 
Lee Curtis : super solid stuff!!
Butch :thx you
Robbie Akbal :sick EP here.. all tracks are good…will play 
lots this tunes..so hard to have a winner.. all 
around :))
Tiago Fragateiro : Big up for Jef and Alex! Love it!
James ºCotterill : my favourite Overall release to date. SOLID 
as a cock. 
All trax and remixes are killer!!! More of this 
sound please guys!! 
its in my soul original mix for me though 
absolute belter from Gav & James.
SAMU L : Great EP!
DANI CASARANO : oh shit original mix is cool!
ANDREW GRANT : Oh Shit 5/5
ROSSKO : Oh Shit & Take it for me, Heads down 
ARADO :downloaded thanks ……!
GEL ABRIL : oh shit is nice tnx »
ARNAUD LE TEXIER :In My Soul (original mix) + Oh Shit original 
& (Adam Shelton´s na shit remix) are