LABEL : Organic-Music

1 One Day (Original Mix)
2 Gettin Ready Original Mix
3 Gettin Ready (Jef K Remix)
4 Gettin ReadyKurts Dub

The Next Release on Organic Music Features the Deep House Project
“Chasing Kurt “ from Frankfurt. brought to life by the producer
team Pascal Blanché and Wojtek Kutschke featuring the heartfelt
lyrics of polish soul crooner Lukas Poloczek.

After rocking the house at Kater Holzig last week-end , we are
very proud to present you there 3 last original tracks.
To Complete the Ep, A simply awesome remix from Jef K, whose on
fire right now !!!

Chasing Kurt – One Day – original mix

‘One Day’ is a soft, sublime piece of deep house. The vocal part drives
you through the inspirational melodies of this beautiful track. It’s
simple, catchy and positive vibe is evident from the very first notes
right to the end. Evolving synth stabs and drum part creates very
danceable atmosphere. Relentless vocals make you want to sing along
this emotive track.

Chasing Kurt – Gettin Ready – original mix

‘Getting ready’ slowly warms you up for the groovy journey into this
eclectic sonic adventure. Piano and vocal work beautifully together to
build up an invisible tension with the hint of sensuality and
seriousness. You don’t realise how quickly time passes when you listen
to this track. Its slow assertive mood has a rather hypnotic quality.

Chasing Kurt – Gettin Ready (Jef K Remix)

Jef K creates altogether another soundscape from ‘Getting Ready’. With
its glimmering intro you are bought into this radiant world built by
interplay of synth bass and confident drum parts. Throughout its course
the track swells and breaks down several times, leaving you with a
feeling that you have just experienced a daydreaming episode, albeit a
very pleasant one.

Chasing Kurt – Gettin Ready (Kurt’s Dub)

Dub version of ‘Getting Ready’ with its slightly different structure
and arrangement is a cool variation of the original. Additional vocal
sample creates pleasant melancholia and somehow track feels even more
settled. Overall feeling of sumptuous grooviness does not leave you
throughout the track. It’s a very slick production.