Release Date 2011-09-19
Label One Records
Catalogue ONE010

Perfection in deep, grooving, classic but modernly adapted house music, the tenth release on One Records, explores the epitome of what the label stands for.

The One Records crew are immovably positioning themselves at the forefront of their game, with the celebration of the tenth release on the label, which comes as a two part digital series that demonstrates the increasingly thrilling mark that One Records is imprinting on underground house music. The now Berlin based label, driven by Subb-an and Adam Shelton, clearly gets to the point in part one with five solid tracks from Alex Arnout, Jordan Peak, Jef K & Gwen Maze, Julien Sandre and John Dimas.

London based Alex Arnout provides the first track on the compilation and easily sets the standard. Alexs previous release on the label was nothing short of genius and dominated dance floors around the world with support from the likes of Seth Troxler and Shaun Reeves. His next contribution Move On echoes a similar feel to Vanishing Point, as a solid deep club track that emits smoothness, with a deep rounded bass, underlying atmospheric building keys that rise into a prominent old school string.

The next track comes from Jef K & Gwen Maze who are part of the powerful and unstoppable, French crew. Girl Meets Boy lures you in with deep, warm pads, while the simple but effective vocal drives the track over the solid groove and rolling keys.

You Dont See by John Dimas is the most dance floor driven on the compilation, packed with perfect late night grooves. Key synths create a prominent element to the track that contrast perfectly with the dubby beats.

Jordan Peaks second release on the label, Wisdom of Words will undoubtedly make you move but exposes an effortless, deeper side to Jordans production skills, compared to the straight up dance floor house we have previously seen from the young producer. The chugging base, old Detroit sounding keys, and subtle classic vocal demonstrate solid house at its best.

Julien Sandres Vibrationist steals the ear with a full and rounded bass line groove. The pitched down, deep and echoing vocal creates a dimension in the track that rolls over the synths that surface as the track develops. This release fully confirms that One Records mean business, with this seamless selection of enigmatic, sturdy dance floor classics. The label is clearly leaping from strength to strength. Look out for part two of the release coming very soon.

Gwen Maze & Jef k . Boy meets girl .ONE REC. by Gwen Maze

Online Review

What They said

Nico Lahs : Really nice release!! my favourite track is « Boy meets girls! nice i will play!

Jamie Odell (Jimpster): Amazing bunch of stuff here. but Boy Meets Girl is the real winner for me. will be playing this loads. proper deep.

Dubfire: cool music in this package , thanks.

Anthony Collins: jef and gwen track for me

Lee Curtiss: Solid ep!! Good work all around!

Droog (Andrei) : Boy Meet Girl is the pick of this deep house litter for me

Dave Congreve: A fine selection of trax, if i had to pick favourites i´d say the Jef K & Gwen

Maze and Julien Sandre trax but they are all very strong. Full support from me. Thanks.

Matt Tolfrey: Jef K & Gwen Maze are on FIRE!!! Loving this…

M A N I K: Nice sounds from Alex Arnout and the One team. Good stuff.

James Teej : some cool stuff on here, diggin the alex arnout and jef k /gwen maze tracks… will try out the julian sandre… diggin the oldschool vibes.

Slam Orde: all nice trax – spinning

Moodymanc: All good, inparticularthe nice track from Alex (as ever)..jordan´s has a good vibe for me too… cheers!

Meat: Solid one . Good tracks from Jef/Gwen Maze and J.Sandre!

Bushwacka: totally wicked. love this. Move On.

Tom Craven: Amazing Release! 10/10 for 10 for One! All tracks killllllller. One are definitely

establishing themselves as the One to watch in the UK! FULL SUPPORT as always.

jozif: Love the Jef K thing – been playing that for ages already The John Dimas bit & Peak´s

Wisdom will defo get a play or 2 on the Terrace :) thanx jozifx

Will Saul : Super EP. Great label. Full support.

Solomun: boy meets girl for me.

Julietta: sweet tracks!

James Cotterill (Illusion Recordings): GAME OVER…………… Love all the tracks on this but Jef K & Gwen Maze are killing it and same for Jordan Peak. Proper dance floor weaponry :) J

Daniel Evans: Boy Meets Girl lovely deep track but to be fair love the whole ep great work from One Records!! full support!

Kate Simko: Very nice, thanks for sending!

Catz ‘n Dogz: wow! great package. One records is our favorite label!

Konrad black: Nice…er…one! Thanks!

Danny Daze: dope ep

Craig Richards: will play. thanks

Iron Curtis: hey there, thanks for sending this! the jordan peak and jef k tracks are my favs!


Artificial Colours (Ryan Ellis): Great collective of tracks – Jef K track has great movement. Full support on all of these!

James What: loving these tunes. One records is on it! « Boy meets girl » & « Don´t you see » are

my favs.


Date de sortie 2011-09-18
Label One Records
# Catalogue ONE010

Following the solid deep groove of One Records 10 Part One, the next instalment sees the label showcasing more classic sounds fused with the modern edge of their growing family of underground talent. Far from the average loop based house that is often churned out, the second part of this various artists release from the One Records crew features five distinguished tracks that display impeccable production skills, embodying that raw, old school Chicago vibe, with a modern twist. On this release we see the combination of super hot established producers with thrilling fresh talents, who all offer their first contributions to the One Records discography.

You cant mistake the sensational sound of Ahmet Sisman, which incorporates epic movement and pace destined for the dance floor with dark percussions and serious bass. Falling down is the next to come from this advanced producer and represents the Sisman sound perfectly. Dramatic, eerie synths add to this exhilarating ride of solid electronic groove.

Frenchman Chris Carrier s Spaceshift truly gives us a dose of Chicago house. Think of a spaced out, psychedelic, garage-esque, modern Adonis track and youve a good idea of what this sounds like! The spacey breakdowns take this track far from the norm into new dimensions and the subtle vocals riding in the track are a skillful touch, which make it really special.

The artists coming out of Barcelona are causing quite a stir at the moment with Sishi Rosch, Diego Moreno and Jaun Crerar being amongst those riding at the forefront. Their track certainly is a Club Thang, qualifying as an essential piece of heavy-duty DJ weaponry. It is perfect for a deep and dirty vibe on the dance floor, guaranteed to lock house heads in an intergalactic trance of super solid groove.

Peter JD s warm and atmospheric sounds in Blue Heart are sure to swarm your senses and engulf you in pool of super deep seduction. Ascending high-pitched keys roll over the warmer strings and synths, which inject an intoxicating feeling of elevation.

Pharaohs Journey is a sand swept ride from the dark depths and into the light, exploring soulful vocals and keys with silky smooth strings that juxtapose well with the darker, clubbier tracks.London based Defn aka Nicholas Harrison retains the old school vibe of the EP with his offering of classic uplifting house.

Resident Advisor Review 3.5

he second half of One Records’ two-part 10th release couples names you’ll know with names you likely won’t. The former include monsieur Chris Carrier who goes down a classicist house route with his muted acid, snappy snared « Spaceshift, » while in the latter camp, Defn stands out for his chord-led, smooth and backward-looking vocal anthem « Pharaohs Journey. » Both tracks reach familiar enough emotional and nostalgic ends, but do so with enough élan as to be the best offerings from the label to date.

One notable constant throughout (in addition to the retro theme) is the type of surface on show: Everything is slightly scuffed and fuzzy round the edges. Peter D’s lethargic, deep and spacey house cut « Blue Heart » is a fine example. It’s assuredly simple, but resonates nonetheless. Spanish trio Sishi Rosch, Diego Moreno and Jaun Crerar, meanwhile, offer up « Club Thang, » whose wiggling acid line is forever keen to take your attention away from the pinging cow bells and scratchy claps around it. Ahmet Sisman’s opener, on the other hand, waits for you to come to it, rather than the other way round. « Falling Down » has an unquestionably floor-filling bassline (think Jamie Jones during his electro-funk period in 2009), and some faceless voices lingering in the humid air above.


What They Said

Dubfire: chris carrier is bomb , thanks

Danny Daze: fresh!

Dan Ghenacia: chris carrier for ever !!!!

M A N I K: Ahmet´s Falling Down tune is serious. Good shit guys.

Anthony Collins: chris track is my fav !!

James Teej : diggin all the tracks on this one, pharaohs journey got me though, great old school vibes

Chris Woodward : chris carrier on point again. LOVE this

Tale Of Us: thanks good package as always

Catz ‘n Dogz: I´m in love. Crazy goooood selection

Iron Curtis: hey there, thanks for sending this. actually I do like that chris carrier track best in

this compilation (including part 1 & 2). nice one! cheers johannes

Meat: Not sure which one is my fave yet, but i am sure i will almost all of these great tracks!

Konrad black: Ahmet´s and Carrier´s mix are the ones for me, thanks!

Deetron: really like Spaceshaft!

Droog (Justin Sloe): good stuff here

Layo: like the chris carrier vibe and defn.

Julietta: chris carrier for me! support.

Sasha: Some great records here! The old skool vibes running through the release are ace! a

really solid package thanks A

Dave Congreve: Excellent ep all round. Chris Carrier & Peter JD ones are absolute killers!!


James What: lots of lovely tunes! my favs are blue heart falling down. nice one!

Nic & Kaleb: Strong Release

Kiki: 5 thumbs up!

Luca C. (Double Drop/Southern Fried): NICE E.P ALL ROUND..THANKS

Geddes: all the tracks are wicked, tough to pick a favourite. thx

Guti: Nice groove. downloading

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