Soma20 – Phase 14 [Soma322D]

1. Eastmen – U Dig (Cassy and Chris Carrier Remix)
2. Universal Principles – Latin Stroll (Pooley’s MPC Remix)
3. Rejuvination – IBO (Dan Curtin ‘Love That Universe’ Remix)

Soma’s new three track EP 322 supplies stunning interpretations of classic tracks released on the label. The three remixes give top contemporary Djs and Producers the chance to get firmly to grips with a diverse range of music

The first remix on the EP is a collaboration between Cassy and Chris Carrier. Both of these artists, one a Netherlands-based Brit, the other a lynchpin of the French scene enjoy great acclaim in various global dominions of House and Techno. Both enjoy various residences and have combined to create a fantastic reworking of Eastman’s 1994 release U Dig. Cassy and Chris Carrier have brought the track rushing up to date reflecting their constant engagement with contemporary sounds. A really fluid remix adds bubbling bass sounds and upbeat grooves to the distinctive original piano melody. The vocals have a hint more soulful ambience to them, developing the smooth nature of the original.


Soma 20 Phase 14 (Soma 322d) by soma

Next up Ian Pooley provides a strikingly different take on Universal Principles’ Latin stroll. This focused and intense artist imposes his great subtlety and complexity on the infectious Latin sound of the original. Pooley has created many remixes of late and this, another DPC remix takes edges of the original track and fills round them with a deft touch. A reworking of the rhythm patterns keeps the up tempo feel and elements of the trademark keys solo of the original are treated deferentially as they are cut into various new forms. The track hones in on the original themes and genre before smoothly veering away to expand the impact and revitalise the work.

The last remix to feature on the EP reiterates the diverse range of sounds which were originally championed by Soma. The heady 90’s track Rejuvination by IBO, which is steeped in Oldskool, blissful style is remixed by electronica pioneer Dan Curtin. Curtin has moved seamlessly through a range of musical styles. Thus informed by various sonic influences Curtin is the ideal man to take on yet another different sound. Curtin manages to invoke a great sense of the original track whilst bringing depth and progressive edge to the remix. The vocal track is lifted to greater prominence and sustained throughout so that the manipulated melody and bass spiral down with this stretched sample. The outcome of this balancing act is a smoother more polished sound which, whilst paying homage to the original goes into deeper more expansive realms of sonic interaction.

Sebo K – « Killer package! Love the whole thing! Support from me!! »
Tensnake – « Great stuff throughout here… especially Ian Pooley. J »
Maceo Plex – « Loving all three of the remixes on this release! 5/5 package! »
Luciano – « Love it! Great combination between Chris and Cassy! »
Stacey Pullen – « Dan Curtain’s Love That Universe mix is SLAMMIN!! »
Reboot – « This is a really nice remix ep. My fav. is the Cassy and Chris Carrier remix! Support! »
Nick Höppner – « Cassy & Chris: Simple and sexy! Thanks for sharing guys!! »
Shaun Reeves – « Cassy & Chris Carrier mix is just GREAT! Big support! »
Seth Troxler – « This whole package is straight up FIRE! »
Tobi Neumann – « The Curtin Love That Universe Remix ROCKS! Cassy&Carrier Remix is
also hot. Again a very good package for Soma‘s celebration. »
Ali – (Tiefschwarz) – « Cassy & Chris Carrier Remix is 100% my favorite here. Support
from me! »
DJ Koze – « Thank you for sending this guys. Gonna test them all out. Nice. »
Basti – (Tiefschwarz) – « Nice release yet again from the Soma series! Like every track here.. Thaanxxx. »
Terry Francis – (Fabric London) – « The Cassy & Chris Carrier Remix is the standout for me on this release. Defintely gonna spin that. »
Paul Woolford – « Yes on Cassy & Chris – this is great work from those guys, thanking you! »
Craig – (Silicone Soul) – « Really loving the Cassy/Carrier remix of U Dig… blissed out deep soul, will enjoy dropping this!!! »
Orde – (Slam) – « Cassy & Chris Carrier Remix is awesome!!! »
Fred Everything – « Great set of remixes on this release, Ian Pooley mix is standing for me though. thx! »
Ryan Elliott – « Nice package! I’m liking ALL of the Mixes!
Troy Pierce – « The new mixes of IBO & U Dig are really nice!! »
Voitek – (Catz n Dogz) – « Cassy & Chris Carrier did a really great job on this one! Playing! »
Agoria – « Dan Curtin Remix is the standout favorite here! Will be playing! »
Ripperton – « I’m in love with Cassy & Chris’ and Ian’s remix!!! So HIGH!!! »
D’Julz – « Another great package from the Soma camp! I’ll be playing the Cassy & Carrier and Dan Curtin mixes, thanx. »
Diesel – (X-Press 2) – « Eastmen track best for me. Will support fully on Radio and club. »
Rocky – (X-Press 2) – « Dan and Ian’s mixes mash it to pieces for me. LARGE! »
Melon – « Really great mixes from all involved here. I’ll prob play all of them at some point. »
tINI – (desolat) – « GREAT Cassy & Chris Carrier Remix, I will play it tonight!!
Ralph Lawson – « I am Lovin’ the Cassy & Chris Carrier Remix of U Dig. Lovely! »
Danny Howells – « Wow what an awesome package of mixes – max support on all!! »
Layo – « Liking Dan’s cut up and Cassy & Chris’ mix has got the groove. »
Ryan Crosson – « The Cassy & Chris Carrier is DOPE!!! Playing!! »
Dan Curtin – “Will Definitely be rocking all these mixes! Very surprised by the Ian Pooley
mix, nice!”
Ben Sims – “Loving the nyc 90’s style house flavour of Cassy+Carrier mix, will drop in housey sets fo sure, thx!”
Lee Curtiss – « Cassy & Chris Carrier Remix is sounding really nice!! Support from me!! »
Jef K – « Yes yes yes really like all three remixes … will play and support!! »
jozif – « Yum!!! Both Cassy / Chris’ Mix & Pooley’s will defo get plays from me! Thanx. »
Soul Clap – “Cassy & Carrier… nice to hear a return to that old school sound. Deep and dope, diggin it!”
Master-H – « Very Good i dig the Cassy and Carrier remix. Will play it! Like the Pooleys’s MPC rework as well. Thanx
Luca Bacchetti – « Cassy & Carrier remix is for me! Probably my fav. Great versions from Mr. Pooley and Mr. Curtin. Massive EP. »
David K – « U Dig is the one for me, so deep and sexy, beautiful stuff guys…. »
The Revenge – « Cassy & Chris Carrier Remix is really lovely stuff … Thanks for sending. »
Martinez Brothers – « Cassy & Chris Carrier remix is…. PROPER!! »
Matthew Dear – « Thanks for sending, i’m gonna give them a good listen and come back! »
Michel de Hey – « Excellent Pooley remake, nice and warm….it makes me feel HOT
Martinez – « Dope remix from Cassy & Chris.. I’ll be playing that lots! »
Kiki – « Lovin´ both Cassy & Chris Carrier remix and Dan Curtin´s effort! Big mixes. »
Dave Vega – (Robert Johnson / Beatport) – « Very nice remixes from all involved here… »
Jonny White – « Cassy and Chris Carrier mix is solid enough. Thanx for sending this, I’ll try it out. »
Luke Solomon – « Pooley’s MPC Remix is PROPER!!!
DJ Ralf – « Cassy & Chris Carrier lets me fly… LOVE IT!! »
DJ Yellow – « Cassy & Carrier together just can’t bad … loving the deep & raw vision of it … with this Cassy hypno vibe … Pooley and Curtis are good too!! »
Club Madnezz Radio Holland – « Pooley’s MPC Remix….Boy, it’s bangin!!. »
Paul Hamill – (Across The Line – BBC Ulster) – « Pooley and Curtin mixes are fucking
great! »
Jose Maria Ramon – (Ibiza Global Radio) – « Yeah! So nice! Great sound for play on Ibiza Global Radio all 3 tracks are great! Support. »
Sébastien B – (Paris One Radio) – « Cassy & Chris Carrier Remix is a really nice one! »
Roual Galloway – (Faith Fanzine / Radio) – « U Dig I Dug – Dan’s remix is pretty tight too. »
Lele Sacchi (Boogie Drama / Floor Radio Italy) – « Latin Stroll is the one for me here. The
piano is infectious. »
Diversions – (CHRY 105.5 Toronto) – “Cassy & Chris Carrier remix smokes!!”
Jimmy Posters – (Pulse Radio / Berlin) – « Extremely SOLID. Especially loving Pooley’s remix. »
Kiko Martínez – (DocePulgadas Radio Show Spain) – « Awesome ep. Specifically Cassy & Chris Carrier remix is a special one. »
Sergio B – ( – « Cassy & Carrier remix is emotional for the piano. Pooley remix is pure class. And Dan Curtis remix is so dynamic and funny. Great remixes and genial E.P » – « Very nice remixes! »
Raphael D (Partysan / Stuttgart) – « Dan Curtin Rmx for me! »
Scan Mode – (DJ Magazine Spain) – « Nice package! »
De:Bug Magazine Germany – « Considering for review. »
Joe – (DJ Magazine) – « Another Dan Curtin slice of understated dancefloor genius. Love!! »
Ed – (Mixmag) – « Loving Cassy & Chris Carrier Remix, it’s really strong. »
Kev O – ( – « Wowzers! Big stuff from the big boys (and girls ;) »
Tsugi Magazine France – « Coool pack. »
J – ( – « Loving the deep groove of Pooley’s remix! »
Ibiza Voice – « Latin Stroll remix is excellent. To be reviewed »
David Y – (MagneticMag USA) – « Sick break down on 2nd track. I can dig. »
Karlos Sense – (Ibiza Sonica) – « U Dig for me!!! Thanks for the music. Will try all tracks. »


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Released by: soma
Release/catalogue number: Soma 322d
Release date: Oct 31, 2011

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