Label: Bass Cadet Records
Cat #: BCR001

A1. Junior’s Groove A2.
A Place For Cadets
B1. Elders
B2. Junior’s Groove (Chris Carrier Remix)

Vinyl Release : 25/06/2012
Digital Release 09/07/2012

Arcarsenal blablablabla… Good music blablablablabla… Detroit, Chicago, Berlin blablablablabla… Deep House to more experimental stuff blablablablabla… Father having a record shop blablablablabla… DJing together since blablablablabla… Analog drummachines grooves blablablablabla… Old gears and synths blablablablabla…

We won’t bore you with all our influences, the names of our cats, or the way we grew up in music. We think that the records are more important than the people who did them, and we’re sure that you will get too know us better soon enough. So, speaking about the music you’ll find four tracks on this lovely “Brotherhood EP”, which is by the way the very first release for the two boys behind Arcarsenal.

Opening the A side, “Junior’s Groove” sets a house feeling on high heels and throw it in a rollercoaster. The kick, and then the bass, are coming in late to shake you but still ensure that you’re on the right ride. Then comes “A Place For Cadets” a more spacey cut where the moody rhodes supports a shiny piano coming in and out. Reverbs, ambiences and a solid groove are driving the track to its highest point.

On the flip side, “Elders” leads the way. Never choosing his camp between weirdness and candor this piece of music won’t easily find a name or a chapel in which you’d be able to fold it. But it never looses its strong identity. Be sure that it will make you match the right thing at the right time. To complete the effort, Chris Carrier offers his own version of “Junior’s Groove”. The parisian house Don locks the track in a loop and brings it to a higher level of consciousness. Then, what once was a house track with chords and strings, becomes an unstoppable afterhour trippy craft.


LABEL INFO / Bass Cadet Records’ digest

In the friendship between brothers Atilla and Tolga Fidan and Arcarsenal boys Alan and Etienne, has sprouted the idea to set up a platform to showcase our musical love. Either Tolga and Atilla common project Helvert Mars or Arcarsenal deepest weird cuts, Bass Cadet Records will sporadically release our tunes on vinyl, because we think music deserves the finest treatment. And last but not least, friends from all over the musical spectre should appear on the flip side for the most exquisite remixes.





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