A1. Woman* Woman
A2. Woman* Proper’s Woman – San Proper remix
B1.  Woman* Shine on
B2.  Woman* Shine on – Gerd’s analog re-work

*Woman is Terence :TERRY: + U S H

Vinyl Release Date (12′): 6th of January 2012
Digital Release Date : 1rst of February 2012
Distribution: Syncrophone (12′)/ Modulor (Digital)
Mastering: Mathieu Berthet
Graphic Design & Installation: Plasticbionic
Photographer: Souenellen
P & © 2011 Fragil Musique – Made in France

Fragil 004 sees the debut release from Woman, a brand new production duo that brings together two of France’s finest house talents in Terence :Terry: and USH. With his unique and polished skills behind the decks Terence :Terry: has forged a highly successful career as a global touring DJ. From his early days as resident of Afterparty Is Not a Crime and Oui Now, his regular forays to rock London’s underground to his sets on the finest of European floors, dc10, Panorama Bar, Fabrik, Terence :Terry: has become one of the most in demand of French DJ’s. His productions have been mainstays in the sets of many and have seen releases on 2020, Highgrade, Freak n’Chic and Robsoul. His partner in Woman is the relatively unknown USH. Coming from the world of popular music it might be easy to overlook his musical upbringing. Classically trained pianist, self taught guitarist and a youth that took the Frenchman, in the company of great friend Daniel Wang, through the very best of the Paris underground scene, via a late 90’s foray to New York. During this time USH played live alongside many of his nations finest DJ’s. Combining forces and talents the duo have formed Woman and together bring us the incredible « Expansions Of The Standard » EP. Two exotic originals backed by two impressive remixes. Its a brave artist that takes such obvious vocal samples and builds a new production around them, allowing the vocal to prove its power and lead from front yet not stifle the track so that it still sounds fresh and upfront. Woman have done just that on both « Woman » and « Shine On. » Perlon and Rush Hour regular San Proper reworks « Woman, » bringing a clash of delicate ravey chords and warm rhythm guitar that works to absolute low-slung perfection. On the remix of « Shine On », keeping it deep and Dutch is Gerd. The Clone and Music Man producer takes the original on a wonderful key-laden trip in the company of velvety pads and rasping claps. Superb.



Review /    Resident Advisor
Cat # /     FGL04
Style /     House
Rating /     3.5 

Is a nostalgic sample enough to carry a whole tune? In the case of Woman’s « Woman, » the answer is yes. What goes on behind the androgynous « I’m so in loooove with you » sample (culled from Duke’s ’90s chart hit of the same name) is naught but scratchy tech house, but the swooping, swooning vocal is enough for that not to matter: it’s a hooky DJ tool, really, and that should be no surprise given that Woman are veteran DJ Terence :Terry: and ex-pop music maker USH.

« Shine On » is just as standard in the beat department, with steely drums and perc crashing and slashing away beneath a slightly less engaging vocal. The Gerd re-work, though, is much more loveable. It’s busier too, with greater definition in the claps, hi-hats and squiggly synths adding up to something with a detailed dynamism sorely lacking from the homogenised original. Rush Hour associate San Proper is also enlisted on remix duty. His « Proper Woman » is founded on poppy melodic hooks with moaning and groaning vocals swirling all around like malevolent spirits trying to find a way in. No nostalgic samples here, but the results are just as memorable.

Words / Kristan J Caryl  Published / Thu, 16 February 2012



What They Said

→ Laurent Garnier: « I am in love the GERD’s mix!! Will play it for sure! »

→ Raresh: « Gerd and San Proper remixes are very good!!! Will play! Thanks. »

→ dOP: « Woman original is the big one for us guys! Nice track! Will play. »

→ Le Loup: « FULL SUPPORT! Great people & music… The Gerd remix is my pick. Love! »

→ Anthony Collins: « This is a really cool ep!!! Well done boys, I really like it. Gerd’s mix will get played! »

→ Ashley Beedle: « The Woman original is the stand out for me on this release. Beautiful track! »

→ Okain: « Very nice package! Both originals are very cool with Woman being my favorite. The absolute killer on that one though is the Gerd remix. I am sure I will play it a lot. »

→ Ali – (Tiefschwarz): « This is such a great relase!! Will try all of them.”

→ DJ Hell: « This Woman is very HOT!!! »

→ Franco Cinelli: « Really cool Release from Woman! Love it!!! Gerd’s remix is awesome. Thanks. »

→ Reboot: « This is a great ep with 2 super strong remixes. Big support on the San Proper remix! »

→ Martinez: « The remixes sound really cool on this release and I’m liking the San Proper mix a lot!! »

→ D’Julz: « Gerd totally KILLS IT! (as usual). Playing this! »

→ Soul Clap: « San Proper’s woman is one classy dame! »

→ Fred Everything: « I am loving Gerd’s techno rework! Also the Woman original is hot, thx! »

→ Doc Martin: « Gerd and the Dutch Destroyer San on one 12. Hell YA!!! ☺ »

→ Dario Zenker: « Love the reworks on this ep! Especially Gerd’s! HOT! »

→ Voitek: – « Gerd’s remix is really good and definitely my favourite! Will be playing!. »

→ Arnaud Le Texier: « Oh yeah! The Gerd remix is DOPE! »

→ Jimpster: « Gerd’s mix is absolutely brilliant! Can’t wait to play this out on the weekend. Proper job! »

→ Dan Ghenacia: « Super cool release. Full support for Woman. Will also play San Proper remix and Gerd’s analog remix of Shine On! »

→ Robert Dietz: « The Gerd remix really hooks me right away. Fantastic! »

→ Kiki: « It’s all about the Gerd remix on this release!! Really great rework! »

→ DJ Yellow: « Women Original is very very cool … will play it on my Radio show. »

→ Anja Schneider: « WOOOW! All tracks super great! Gerd did it best here… again! »

→ Jef K: « YEAH wicked!! Both originals are GREAT!! Will play … merci les potos! »

→ Manuel Tur: « Gerd remix is really good! Will test this weekend.”

→ Subb-an: « Gerd mix is sounding really great to me!! Gonna play it! »

→ Jona: « I REALLY like the original of Woman. I will be playing! »

→ Rodriguez Jr: « Women sounds like an anthem to me!! Great track! »

→ Till von Sein: « The original is soooo dope!!! Love Woman! »

→ Ray Okpara: « Oh yes! This is a really nice EP. All tracks!! 5/5!!”

→ Agoria: « This is a great release! I like all the tracks and I think San Proper is the man! »

→ Varoslav: « This is a great release! Proper’s version is DOOOPPPEE! »

→ Rocky – (X-Press 2): « I am in love with the 2 remixes. Great work! »

→ Kasper Bjorke: « Great release! San Proper’s remix of Woman is my favorite but the original is also cool! J »

→ Lee Curtiss: « San Proper Remix is the best for me, but overall a cool ep! »

→ Danny Howell: « San Proper mix sounds… PROPER!! That’s gonna be my choice for sure! Thanks! »

→ Deetron: « Really like the original of Woman, but the winner here is definitely Gerd’s Analog Re-work! »

→ Shlomi Aber: « Gerd’s mix is sounding really nice to me. Will test it out this weekend! »

→ Willie Graff – (Pacha Ibiza/Cielo NYC): « Nice project from Terry…I like both of the remixes here! Thank you for sending guys! »

→ Sebo K: « I am really loving Gerd’s remix on this release! Big favourite! »