Mr G

J’s Credit (EP)

  • Label : Bass CultureBCR35_SQ
  • Artist : Mr G
  • Title : J’s Credit
  • Cat. : BCR035
  • Vinyl Release : Late October
  • Digital Release : NO
  • Tracklist
  1. Let Down
  2. Toi Toi
  3. Tony’s Taxi

Bass Culture welcomes back an old friend for our latest release, a man whose dexterity as a producer and performer has helped him maintain a universal level of respect. Mr G is his name and he embodies the very ethos that Bass Culture represents; dub-heavy music with a true groove at its heart. Mr G is a member of our extended family and he brings the heat on this new EP with three fresh, groovy cuts that remind us all why he’s become such a reliable purveyor of high quality house and techno. With its softened Rhodes piano keys ‘Let Down’ evokes memories of house music days gone by, but it’s by no means a trendy throwback. The groove is ridiculously infectious, pulling you in and refusing to relent – midway through a muffled female vocal slowly floats to the surface to bare her soul, accentuating the organic feel of the track. Next up is ‘Toi Toi’, dedicated to one of London’s premier warehouse events. G made the track straight after playing there for the first time and it’s been a staple of his sets ever since. Incorporating a familiar male vocal snippet, tribal congos and another one of those insanely funky basslines that are a signature of G’s, the track rolls out with a perfect mix of smooth grooves and punchy percussion. Last up, G ventures into tougher, more techno-based territory with ‘Tony’s Taxi’, an intriguing title for a tough, bouncing piece of music. The kicks and snares dominate the track as a grumbling bassline works off a hypnotic, repetitive series of vocal clips. Powerful stuff.

Bass Culture