Artist: Chris Carrier
Title : Zulu Spins EP
Label: Robsoul

Vinyl release: 20th September
Digital release: 4th October
Distribution: Syncrophone

Cat no: RB112

A1. Bongo Thunder
A2. Zulu Spins
B1. Acid Drop
B2. Japan Air

Underground   Parisian   hero   Chris   Carrier   makes   his   return   to   the   Robsoul   imprint. Showcasing   his  diverse  style  as  an  artist  and  immaculate   skills  in  the  studio,  this outstanding release will be delivered in two installments – two weeks apart.


Delivered on a stunning blue vinyl, the first release titled Zulu Spins EP’ is directly aimed at the dancefloor with four cuts of solid driving house, perfect for a peak time affair. Things kick off with ‘Bongo Thunder’, a heavy-duty  hit with chuggy, rolling beats that progress into  a  hop-hop  break  down,  showcasing  Carrier’s  genre-crossing  ability.  Next  up  ‘Zulu Spins’  rides  along  a  sexy  underlying  swing,  as  warm  stabbing  keys  and  hushed  vocal whispers flow through the tight knit groove. Acid Drops’ takes things into deep, druggy and  techy   territory,   building   tensions   and  suspense   as  it  subtly   builds  with  pacey percussions. Lastly ‘Japan Air’ boasts playful keys with a sultry, deep vibe and infectious melody, keeping firmly in line with the EP.