Diego Krause ‎– Apogee (ep) 

  • Label : Mulen Records
  • Artist : Diego Krause
  • Remixers : –
  • Title : Apogée (EP)
  • Cat. : MULENV020
  • Vinyl Release: October 2019
  • Digi Release :  x
  • Tracklist :
  1. Apogee
  2. Dive
  3. Dominion


Diego Krause on Mulen! 3 groovy trax . Vinyl only


Diego Krause joins the roster of IO (Mulen)’s Mulen Records this September with the ‘Apogee’ EP, featuring three original cuts from the Berlin-based artist.

Since emerging within Berlin’s underground, Diego Krause has become one of the strongest suppliers of driving, stripped-back and raw house records. His Unison Wax imprint is always a go-to outlet for DJs and his original material on Apollonia, Berg Audio, Pleasure Zone and most recently an LP on Rawax have helped solidify his place as one of the best in the scene. Now he joins Mulen Records with more of his signature sound that will undoubtedly work magic on dancefloors around the world.