djebali 08 (EP) 

  • Label : (djebali)djeb08_label
  • Artist : Djebali
  • Title : Ideal Ghetto Touch / Juicy Street
  • Cat. : DJEB08
  • Vinyl ONLY : May 2014

By now the collectors can be confident, a ( djebali ) release is sure to be loaded with solid beats, warm House vibes, and of course that infectious groove. Release 08 of the vinyl-only series – special limited pressings of Djebali productions made exclusively with analogue gears – ticks all the boxes.

Ideal Ghetto Touch works the dancefloor with ease, a combination of crawling bassline, piano chords and just a teasing taste of vocal snippet. Juicy Street’s charm on the other hand is all about the drunken synths, floating in and out of percussive cameos and sexy samples.

Another unfailing two-part package from Djebali on his now cult, sell-out imprint. Also features two locked grooves.