djebali – Ideal Juice Compil

  • Label: ( djebal )
  • Artist: djebali
  • Remixers: no
  • Title: Ideal Juice Compil
  • Cat.: DJEBCP01
  • Vinyl Release: No
  • Digi Release: March 25th 2016
  • Tracklist :
  1. Ideal Juice
  2. Urban Posture
  3. This Ultimate Dare
  4. Sakura Park
  5. O’riginal Rude Boy
  6. Bezbar
  7. Hunting Back
  8. Juicy Street
  9. This Thing for Wil
  10. Seven Cells

Paris’ prodigal son Djebali returns with this bumper collection of music, curated and compiled to showcase some of his finest work in digital format for the very first time. Ever since he launched his own label, ( djebali ), the young talent has focused solely on representing his sound through vinyl. With Ideal Juice, named after his popular residency at the legendary Rex Club, Djebali gives his fans the chance to own specially edited digital versions of material from his back catalogue. Each track is shorter than the vinyl original, so that both digital customers and the vinyl lovers both have exclusive versions of the tunes.

Kicking off with ‘Ideal Juice’, a late night groover full of soul and funk, Djebali’s ability to construct captivating jams that represent the true house sound is evident throughout the compilation. ‘Urban Posture’ channels that gritty street flavour that can only be found in New York, with smooth, jazzy timbres. ‘This Ultimate Dare’ is bouncy, infectious and flows effortlessly like a picturesque waterfall. Track four, ‘Sakura Park’ lures us into the deepness, enveloping us with its mystical atmosphere and thick, jaunty bassline. After that ‘Original Rude Boy’ ups the pace, coming at you with a killer low end and vibrant pads giving the track a bright outlook.

The sixth track, ‘Bezbar’, turns things a little bit weird. Djebali’s distinctive groove is still there, but intertwined with layers of odd filtered, oily sounds and reversed chimes. ‘Hunting Back’ epitomises Djebali’s ability to create simple, yet detailed and highly effective house cuts full of life. A beauty.

After that, ‘Juicy Street’ turns things a little bit sleazy, with a morose bassline, crisp beats and minimal composition. Penultimate track ‘This Thing For Wil’ swings the clock and hypnotises us with its repetitive rhythm and the final entry in this superlative collection of work, ‘Seven Cells’, gets cosmic with its animated bleeps and swirling pads.

And there we have it, 10 classy joints from one of Paris’ shining stars all released digitally for the very first time. Essential!

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