Geda, Rotty, Baraso, Resample Process | Deeper Than Rose (EP)

  • Label : La Vie En Roselvr012_Cover
  • Artists : Geda, Rotty, Baraso, Resample Process
  • Remixer : No
  • Deeper Than Rose (EP)
  • Cat. LVR12
  • Release Digital : 28th April
  • Tracklist :
    Geda – Dance light (12″)
    Rotty – Greed  (12″)
    Baraso – Even Worst  (12″)
    Resample Process – Upper Side Band  (12″)

Since its inception in 2011 the La Vie En Rose imprint has gone from strength to strength, carving out an avant-garde style and establishing itself as a reference point for today’s most promising of House talent. A launching platform for the likes of Hanfry Martinez, John Dimas and Rafael Murillo, label boss Terence:Terry: presents the next round of hand-picked newcomers sounding well beyond their years.

A similar story to his previous protégées, Geda (France), Rotty (UK), Baraso (Spain) and Resample Process (Italy) had been inspired by Terence:Terry:‘s music and approached him with their productions. After a year of working closely together exchanging ideas, Terence and his gifted recruits arrived at Deeper Than Rose.

As the title suggests this is a selection of deep-cut Housewarmer than your average dancefloor and more intoxicating than the awe-infusing substances found there. Baraso’s ‘Even Worst’ is subtle and emotive, a sure fire future-classic, while ‘Dance Light’ is a stripped back, highly hypnotic late-night tool. You can hear the London heritage coming through with the Garage kick and softly sung vocals of Rotty’s ‘Greed’, or slip away into the dreamy ethereal world so perfectly created by ‘Upper Side Band’. Testament to Terence:Terry:’s aptitude to discovering new talent, this is a 4-track package that grabs you powerfully the ears and invades the body.


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