Kate Simko & Anthony Collins ʻSit Backʼ
Released: 08th August 2011
Cat No. SFR031
01. Sit Back feat. Brothers Vibe.
02. Run & Tell


The latest release on Supplement Facts records is possibly one of the most unexpected collaborations to date. Admittedly not as ambitious as say, Lou Reed and Damon Albarn, it still leaves you wondering what kind of chemistry brought Kate Simko, Anthony Collins, Brothers Vibe and Guy Gerber’s Supplement Facts label together? Kate Simko was on-hand to give a nonchalant explanation. « It all happened really naturally. Anthony reached out to make some music together. I love his music so said let’s give it a shot. We started by sending a song back-and-forth (Paris – Chicago), to the point that it had morphed into a bit of a mess. I guess that was the learning curve working long distance and seeing each other’s tastes. So, we scratched that song and started fresh with « Sit Back. » Anthony sent over some sick classic drums, I added the chords, he got the vocals from Brothers Vibe, and it all flowed into place. After remixing « Hate/Love, » Guy asked for some more tracks, so we sent these over. The label allows a lot of room for creativity and uniqueness, so it was a perfect fit for our off-the-cuff new project. » It seems so simple, which would go a long way to explaining the title of the EP ‘Sit Back.’ With two tracks of laid back house music this EP marks a new wave of Supplement Facts artists that are not necessarily occupying the same space as their A&R Guy Gerber. More traditional House rhythms are juxtaposed with Techno progressions, made by artists whose previous releases can be found on an array of labels from Ghostly to Ibadan reflecting the wide spectrum of references this collaboration encompasses. In the wake of one of Supplement Facts most successful releases to date, courtesy of dOP, ‘Sit Back’ is intended to pave a new horizon for Supplement Facts.

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What They Said
Loco Dice Great one ! please send me the wav
Chris Larsen Sit Back is my fav cut…will play for sure..
ellen allien uhh sweet good team i like
Jeremy P Caulfield Dry Pumping … all night !
hernan cattaneo really good will play
Orde Meikle will play – tunes -thanx
Craig (Silicone Soul) love these, straight up housin’ grooves! thx for the music!
djulz yeah! that’s my kind of shit right here. love those beats ,
Konrad Black More bombs from SF. Thanks!
John Digweed good stuff
Alexkid Sit Back is right down my alley… Raw Beats and not much more!
Guti quality as always!
Geddes will play both mixes – very useable. thx
Marc Romboy Great tune with Tony BV! Full support!
Layo really liking both.
Paul Loraine Run & Tell for me, nice deepness willbe hammering this out! thanks kate and Anthony ; )
Danny Tenaglia thanks!!!
steve bug run & tell for me!
Loco Dice Great one ! please send me the wav
Nick Curly wicked release for kate and anthony…full support on this

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Review bY Ibiza-voice : 7/10

It’s been a long time since the US has had a sort of stake in the world of underground dance music, most American artists leave for the extended visa pastures of some other place besides the States if they really want to make it. Lately, that trend has been changing with a number of credible US artists breaking through internationally, including Chicago artist Kate Simko. There isn’t a place in the world she hasn’t DJ’ed, it seems, and she puts out records for a member of what seems to be the last cabal of indie labels that make money, Ghostly International. She is about as close to an underground dance music superstar as you can get in the US. Here, Simko teams up with French producer Anthony Collins for a little multi-national collabo that also manages to involve Guy Gerber‘s Supplement Factslabel in the process. Some of this two-tracker feels like product, to help with bookings and other such procedural, yet utterly essential for survival in today’s limited market kinda world for the independent musician. I. Voice frowns upon that kind of behavior, so thankfully there is more to this release than just another one to keep the wheels turning.

« Sit Back » is functional, with a nice bass line but not much else. It’s simple, too simple; listeners are expecting something to go « boom! » on an A-side of this magnitude. The choppy drum beat patterns are one of the things that really trips this track up. There are so many nice elements, like cool cymbal work that is very unique and the tiny Brothers’ Vibe contribution on the scant vocal. But it also veers dangerously close to a toss-off, and in the days of digital distribution that’s a no-no, why let people off the hook with a less-than-grand intro when they are confronted with so much choice? It’s a sucker’s bet and it is obviously going to shape the sound of dance music in the years to come but making money as an artist requires sacrifice. It’s all about the amount of dignity given up in the process that determines an artist’s ultimate fate, err, legacy.

Part of the reason « Sit Back » feels like B-minus work is that the backing track on this two-track release is competing for equal billing and, for the most part, upstages it’s musical cousin. « Run & Tell », like it’s predecessor, can’t escape the drum pattern curse. It’s weak, but the rest of the track is excellent – from the top down to the bass line. The melodies are laid back, perfect summer time action there and the bass line is friendly and inviting like one of those deceptive tropical drinks that lay waste to your soul if you consume too many. There is also a dramatic sense of structure and flow as the track slow boils to tech-house perfection with only the briefest hint of a breakdown. « Run & Tell », best of all, is musical with all of the right moves in terms of mood, progression, and atmosphere. It is obvious a serious amount of care went in to this production and in comparison to a merely average A-side contribution this one soars to almost heavenly heights.