(djebali) Presents – House of Warez

  • Label :  ( djebali )
  • Artist : House of Warez aka Hanfry Martinez & Justin Harris
  • Remixer: Mr KS
  • Title :  ( djebali ) presents 02 (EP)
  • Cat. : DJEBPR02
  • Vinyl Release : June 2014
  • Digital Release : No
  • Tracklist :
  1. Let The Drums In
  2. The Jump
  3. Do You Wanna Hear It
  4. Let The Drums In (Mr KS mix)


After the resounding success of Mr KS, the first release on ( djebali ) presents, the series continues with the debut EP from House of Warez.

The recently formed duo Justin Harris (the legendary Music For Freaks label boss) and Hanfry Martinez (the successful Canarian DJ / producer) offer up three original tracks of solid and groovy beats. ‘Let The Drums In’ features a crawling bassline, high hat kicks and warming synths for a summery affair, while ‘The Jump’ pulsates a bit harder, darker and ‘Do You Wanna Hear It’ has the adaptability of a day, night or morning soundtrack.

To complete the package is a remix from Mr KS, a concept which will run throughout the ( djebali ) presents series – each artist will feature as the remixer on the next release, to connect the music and the young musicans. Mr KS turns his hand to ‘Let The Drums In’ producing a trippier, cosmic version for ultimate body movement.

Following the success of the sell-out ( djebali ) series featuring only his music, the label boss returns with a team of hand-picked producers bringing the freshest house sounds, whilst staying true to the deep and bassy ethos that the Parisian has become known for.

Just like the ( djebali ) releases, ( djebali ) presents is vinyl-only and in very limited supply, making it the underground anorak’s next must-have wax.