KISS & TELL #08 With Javier Carballo & Alex Arnout

written and produced bY Mademoiselle H

It’s release 08 from La Vie En Rose, the label that continues to excite us with new, up-and-coming artists and the freshest deep-tech-house sounds:

‘Destino Azul’ EP comes from everyone’s favourite colourful Canary, Javier Carballo. DJ/producer/promoter and good friend of Lola ED, it’s even more satisfying to see this sexy release pressed by Terence:Terry: on LVR. And what’s more, long-term London h0me boy Alex Arnout does the business for a punchy, dancefloor rework.

Mad H got the two boys together for a quick chat on music and bubble-baths….


Javier, you’ve been driving the underground house scene along with Hanfry Mantinez in your home The Canary Islands. Tell us about the parties you’ve throwing over there, I’m imagining  sunshine, naked bodies, lots of crazy islanders..?!

For the last 15 years we have been driving parties at hotels, beaches, clubs and different festivals across the islands. Our best parties at the moment are KInder Garden and Suncode.  We hosted those pool-parties in first class hotels, and we have also our Velvet Deluxe and Be Rebel my friend parties at our best clubes . We have danced and enjoyed the sets of some of the biggest international artists, and they have falled in love with the energy  and the people from the islands. – Javier

Your latest EP Destino Azul is coming on a La Vie En Rose, how did you come to hook up with Terence:Terry: ?

Terence:Terry has become one of my best friends since I meet him four years ago for a party in Gran Canaria. We shared a lot of time together there and the feeling was snappy!! Apart from that, he has been a big suppport for the Overall Music development and also of my producing career. – Javier

So super exciting… Sonar 2013: La Vie En Rose vs Overall! Any news you can share with us on the lineup, venue?!

Well, right now that is all the info we can share….but we can confirm that the line up will be high level and the place will be amazing!! – Javier

And Alex, good to see you on the remix duties, what did you try to do and how would you describe your version?

I don’t really plan what I remix or produce, I just go in the studio, turn on some machines and see what comes out. For this one I used a vintage drum machine and a couple of synths, it kind of came out classic sounding. But I like to explore ideas that take me in different directions, it stops me from repeating myself in the studio. – Alex

You’ve been a respected head on the London and international scene now for some time like Terence…. Any stories from the two of you back in the day…?

I first met Terry at the early Sunday morning Kubicle parties at Public Life in London around 2006. There was an influx of great music coming from France around that time with loads of French producers and labels coming through, one of those labels being Freak n’Chic and that’s how I met Terry, Dyed Soundorom, FB Julian, Dan Ghenacia and Gaffy. We had great times back then and I can remember the afterparties going on for a couple of days…but it’s all a bit hazy now hehe. – Alex

So let’s get onto the Nina / Maceo debate and sex sells… Madmoiselle H is proudly in support of techno bubble-baths. Where do you stand??

Honestly stuff like this is irrelevant to me, you can say, do and look how you like and have tons of hype around you but for me it’s all about the music, if the music isn’t good after all that, then you get found out. The music should speak for itself, it shouldn’t matter if you’re male or female or whether you write music in the nude  :) – Alex

All I can say is that I love bubble-baths, pretty girls (like Guacinda) and good music! – Javier


‘Destino Azul’ EP is out digitally from 22 April, 2013 on La Vie En Rose