LVR 012 VA

Carving out an avant-garde style and establishing itself as one of today’s key providers of promising House talent, La Vie En Rose label has helped launch the sounds of Hanfry Martinez, John Dimas and Rafael Murillo. For the latest EP ‘Deeper Than Rose’, label boss Terence:Terry: presents the next round of his hand-picked protégés..

Of course Mademoiselle H jumped on the chance to introduce LVR’s hot new virgins! Read on to discover the faces of the future…


Name: Jordi Barasoain AKA Baraso

City: A little town named Cambrils, but I was born in Barcelona.

Fav Terence:Terry track: I love one track that I played a lot in the past, ‘Additiv’ was the name… Check it!!!

A track you wish you made: Shenoda ‘Night Eater’. No words can explain…

Your most annoying habit: Hahah spending 40 minutes in the shower  :D

Your DJ crush: Mr G kills it, you have to check his Boiler Room session, what a dance and energy!!!!

Your party vice: Dance dance and dance!! 



Name: Daniel Rothberger AKA Rotty


City: Born and bred in London and still live there to this day.

Fav Terence:Terry track: ‘Sunday Gathering’. It’s proper deep like all his productions, but the slightly odd vocal that sounds like it was recorded of BBC Radio 4 makes it stand out from the rest.

A track you wish you made:  Prana ‘The Dream’. The chords are so soulful and recognisable but underground and raw at the same time. The baseline that comes in half way through is brilliant too. It has really influenced me to try and make my tunes atmospheric… From a producers point of view maybe the Photek remix of ‘Still Life’, the track sounds like it was made by a jedi…

 Your most annoying habit:  Never knowing when a tune is finished.

Your DJ crush: Maya Jane Coles has been my favourite pin up for a while. Always coming out with consistently good tunes.

Your party vice: Terrible dance moves!!


Resample Process

Name: Federico Brasi and Jacopo Gagliardi AKA Resample Process

City: Rome

Fav Terence:Terry track: ‘Different Claims’. It’s the first song by Terry we ever had a chance to hear, needless to say we have been charmed by his flair.

A track you wish you made: Kerrier District ‘Disco Bus’  by “the man” Luke Vibert. We listen to the whole album fortnightly, it’s a little habit of ours.

Your most annoying habit: Our records like to get mixed up quite a bit and you  can never find the record that you are looking for when you need it! But it’s nice when you pull out an old beauty you thought was long gone :)

Your DJ crush: Nastia

Your party vice: We like to dance until we drop.


Name: Hurtado De Mendoza Benjamin AKA GedaGeda

City: Nice in the south of France

Fav Terence:Terry track: ‘Twi-ces’ on Freak n’Chic

A track you wish you made: Stephane Attias ‘Distant Planet’

Your most annoying habit: 

Your DJ crush:  There are really too many talented girls… Maayan Nidam, Magaret Dygas,  Cassy… and boys too! DJ W!ld,  D’julz etc…

Your party vice: My jack coca ;-)