TQR010 Special Case – Nibiru incl Seuil Remix

Label: Turquoise Blue
Cat.: TQR010
Vinyl Release date : Mid May
Digital Release : Late May

1. Nibiru
2. Nibiru (Seuil Remix)
3. Job’s Done
4. September 1st


Turquoise Blue has come a long way since its launch, welcoming the likes of Djebali, MANIK, Laura Jones, Boris Horel and Alex Arnout onto its roster. Here the label welcomes back Special Case following their remix of Scarlett Nina’s ‘The End’ on the imprints preceding record.

Title track ‘Niribu’ opens the release here, a low-slung, tripped-out house number employing insistent drum programming and dark, atmospheric synthesizers as its driving force. The trio continue down their path of tasteful, intelligently crafted productions, instilling subtle production nuances through filters, delays and reverbs in to the cut while a tight blend of gritty electronic and warm organic sounds creates a heady
peak-time cut.

Next up French producer and Real Tone, Supplement Facts and Ultrastretch affiliate Alexis Benard akaSeuil, steps in to remix ‘Niribu’, dubbing out the vibe of the original record to a sub-heavy, ethereal state. Bright pads and string carry the melodic movement of the track while bubbling low-end tones and punchy drums add a hefty weight to the already rock solid groove, as expected the mix oozes warmth and class.

‘Job’s Done’ follows on here, embracing a similar dark aesthetic to the preceding tracks, evolving pad lines and heavily delayed saw-wave bass hits create a rumbling movement, while resonant acidic synths build tension. The latter stages see a dreamy bell-chime like melody introduced further fuelling its psychedelic edge and again resulting in a rather unique record.

To close the release Special Case offer-up ‘September The 1st’, winding down the release in style, with a smooth, after-hours vibe. The guys throw in an amalgamation of warm pads and blooming tones to create a profound background depth, while sturdy off-kilter drums give the cut a hooky feel.



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Alland Byallo Liebe Detail, Floppy Funk, Dirtybird, [KONTRO All about the Seuil remix for me.
Dudley Strangeways Back To You / Klasse / Resopal Schallware Seull remix is tight really into this.. Also feeling September 1st quality stuff from Tur
MANDY Get Physical will download. thank you for good music!
Nicolas Masseyeff beautiful seuil remix !!!
Cozzy D Lower East Top draw from the Special Case Boys :)
Tiago Fragateiro Composite / Ovum / Freerange Serious serious bussiness here. Great Special originals and an amazing Seuil remix. Love it!
Julietta Sushitech / Harry Klein Records seuil for me!
Max m50 / Area (Wave Music/Ethereal Sound ) Seuil remix is something special.
Jay  Bliss Initials Seuil’s remix is my pick. Thank you!
Igor Vicente Ultrasone (Visionquest / Hot Creations / Maison D’Etre) very nice release, the russian buddies are defenitly special! and I’m fan of Seuil so very happy to get it, thanks for sending.
Nikko Gibler Leftroom / Culprit Lovin’ the mellow vibe of this whole package. Will most likely play out, « Seuil remix ». Thanx!
Tim Green wicked release! liking the original…. and Seuil’s remix as usual is proper wicked! will support :)
Moises M.A.M. District Raw, Overall, Lowpitch Awesome package! Jobs done and seuil remix my fav!! Thanks!
Hugo 2020 Vision / Claque Musique / Mobilee / Tuning Spork good stuff..tnx!
Joyce Muniz 2020 Vision / Exploited / Snatch! thx for the music
Franco Cinelli Bass Culture / Thema Really Nice Seuil Remix!; thanks :)
Gwen Maze Supernature SUPER TURQUOISE BLUE!! again! HOT Special case!my fav are Nibiru original and Seuil remix is amazing.
John Dimas Bass Culture / One Records Support on this ! thnx
Amirali Crosstown Rebels / My Favorite Robot Jobs Done wins it. full support
Nico Purman Crosstown Rebels / Vakant / Mule Electronic great ep and remix, i’ll play it!!
Javier Carballo La Vie en Rose, One Records cool release!! special case rules!
CATZ’N DOGZ Dirtybird/Get Physical Will check this one out! thx
Nitin No.19 This is really dope! Love this whole release! Full support
Noel Jackson Hypertone Excellent as always from Special Case. Nibiru + 9/1 for me. Love this crack sauce.
Franklin De Costa nibiru original is phat :)
Andrei Osyka Droog / Culprit (LA) A really strong EP by my Russian compadres, not a weak one in the bunch
Noir Stil Vor Talent nice release, will ty
Anthony Collins Scissor & Thread remix is super good
Maher Daniel Get Phsyical Music/ Souvenir Music / Bedrock Records / Stereo After Hours what a dope package form special case Loving this completely that seuil remix is pure fire
Iron Curtis Mule Musiq/Morris Audio hey guys, Nibiru is a pretty cool track!!! thanks johannes
Djebali (djebali) Super nice release from special Case and amazing remix by Seuil ! Congrats Turquoise Blue :-)
Tini Desolat thanks :)
Jef K Silver Network yeah super release !! support … cheers
Lo Shea Seaghdha/Downlo Like this.different sounding.Love the seuil remix!
Baaz STHLM / Uzuri / Quintessentials seuil remix !!! thanks!
Raresh Arpiar seuil remix for me . thanks