Artist : Bob Moses
Title : Hand To hold
Label: Scissor and Thread Limited
Format: Vinyl exclusive, Limited 300 copies 
Cat no: SATLTC001

A1. Bob Moses - Hands To Hold
A2. Bob Moses - Hands To Hold (Acoustic) B1. Bob Moses - Too Close For Comfort
B2. Bob Moses - Val
Digi: Bob Moses & Francis Harris – It’s Gone
Digi: Bob Moses - Too Close For Comfort (Frank & Tony Space Jam Remix)

Vinyl Release : 24/09/2012
Digital Release : 29/10/2012


New York’s favourite boutique label, Scissor and Thread, launch their limited vinyl only series with this stunning EP from Bob Moses.

Bob Moses are the New York formed duo originally from Canada. Attending high school together it wasn’t until later in life that they teamed up and realized their shared passions and united musical vision.

Title  track  ‘Hands  To  Hold’  is  an  enchanting,  deep  house  dream  with  a  raw, grumbling  bassline  and  playful  keys.  The  altering  pace  builds  tension  before releasing into a wave of beautifully reverberated synths, with the hypnotising vocals of Bob Moses flowing fluidly through the intricate layers. An acoustic version of

‘Hands To Hold’ boasts beautiful guitar riffs as the powerful vocal penetrates the senses. Background chords enter towards the rear, building it into a gorgeous final crescendo.


Next up, ‘Too Close For Comfort’ gets you geared towards the dance floor, while the filtered Rhodes chords keep you within the Bob Moses realm of deep house. ‘Val’ then takes you on a journey to paradise with drum samples, seamless synths and tropical soundscapes underpinned by an unavoidable head-bopping groove.

The release also features two tracks released as digital only. Bob Moses team up with Francis Harris for ‘It’s Gone’ with a heavy duty bassline and sensual piano scales. Frank & Tony aka Anthony Collins and Francis Harris round off with their remix of ‘Too Close For Comfort’– with a thumping kick and lush piano chords producing a smooth and deep number, Frank & Tony style.

Keep a close eye on what this special limited label will offer in the future!





Gscene (UK)
DJ Mag (Italy)
Blow Up (Italy)
Groove (Germany)
DJ Times (USA)


France: Radio Calade (Planet Electro) 6/10/12 (hands to hold) Serbia: Radio AS FM (Christalization) 28/09/12 (hands to hold)
Greece: BEST radio (George Kampouris) 6/10/12 (too close for comfort) Spain: Ibiza Sonica (Mixmood) 2/10/12 (too close for comfort)
Portugal: Omega3 (Nuno Santos) 6/10/12 (val)
Portugal: Omega3 (Nuno Santos) 6/10/12 (hands to hold)
Syndicated: The Global Network (Pete Gooding) 12/10/12 (hands to hold)


Beatburguer: scissor-and-thread/
Dummy Mag:
Beats and Beyond / Data Transmission
My Beat Fix
Ibiza Deejay
Magazine Sixty
Purp Soul
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Sampler Mag
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Goa Club:
DMC World: scissor-and-thread.html


Jozif: yummy yummy music!
Dirt Crew (Peter/ Break 3000): Great Music! and Great label! .. will support!
Jimpster : massive release!! Hands to Hold is sublime yet grooving hard. All the other mixes and tracks offer something special to round off the package. Hands To Hold is the pick for me though. lovely!
MANDY: i am the cousin of bob moses. bob moses is the hottest shit on earth!
Doc Martin: Val is a very Surreal Track.Will investigate the others more deeply…
Droog (Justin Sloe): I picked the vinyl of this up last week at Halcyon. I love it. Scissor & Thread really hitting their stride, no filler.
Noir: WOW! Really, really nice release, L.O.V.E.


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S&T Podcast 06 l Bob Moses


1. Lukid – Wake Up
2. Acid Pauli – Eulogy to Eunice
3. Frank & Tony feat. Corbu – Rings
4. Freund Der Familie – Symbian (Christopher Rau Remix)
5. Bob Moses – Val
6. Norken Deer – Shoot The Sun (Dwig Remix)
7. Kowton – Dirty Little Bomb (Loop Helper edit)
9. Pantha Du Prince – Fountain Drive
10. Schatrax – Titel 03
11. Bob Moses – Hands to Hold
12. Ame – Rose Selavy
13. Bob Moses – Too Close For Comfort (Frank & Tony Space Dub)
14. Anthony Collins – Ransom
15. Marcel Eska – Golden State
16. Recloose – Electric Sunshine
17. Nicolas Jaar – Don’t Break My Love (Just the « Crispies » edit)
18. Bob Moses – On and On [Demo]