June sees young Remi Mazet make his debut on the fledgling La Vie En Rose imprint with ‘LE KIFF’.

French born Remi Mazet relocated to London in 2008 where his childhood best-friend Louis Guilhem, Lo*kee resident and Kubical regular was beginning to make a name for himself as a DJ, Remi quickly became immersed in the thriving East London electronic music scene.

With no formal musical background but with a longtime love of good music and an endlessly hungry appetite for new sounds. He naturally began to learn production skills to create his own music which he now does as a full time passion.

For his debut on La Vie En Rose Mazet explores the deeper side of house music, blending smooth beats, lapping percussion and cosmic synths with an infectious Rhodes piano. The Ibiza season is just around the corner and ‘LE KIFF’ is the prefect soundtrack for the spanish open air party.

Boris Horel is a name that has been winning a lot of praise lately thanks to stand out releases on Eklo and Turquoise Blue. His remix of ‘LE KIFF’ ramps up the energy levels and injects some of his trademark funk into proceedings.

Rounding off the release Remi Mazet teams up with Mr Matlar for ‘Are You There’ – a hypnotic deep houser with an irresistible groove.

Terence :Terry’s La Vie En Rose imprint continues to impress, ‘LE KIFF’ is out digitally on June 11th.


They Like it

Stuart Geddes Mulletover / Rekleiner boris’ mix is cool
James Teej Rekids diggin the vibes of are you there
Grzegorz Demianczuk CATZ’N DOGZ (Dirtybird/Get Physical) wll try this one out! :)
Willie Graff Liebe*Detail / Drumpoet / Cielo Nice feelings summer from « Le Kiff » and miss Guthrie. Thanks! W
Leon VIVa / Various boris horel mix is great!
Phil Asher Restless Soul / Restless Trax Le Kiff – Original is Sick!
Matthew Styles-Harris Crosstown Rebels nice mix from boris
Andrei Osyka Droog / Culprit (LA) Boris Horel’s remix is so funky, love it
Cozzy D Lower East liking the original mix. nice early doors vibes ;)
Robbie Akbal Supernature Recordings / Akbal Music Really cool EP here.. will pay .. all tracks are great!
kostas tassopoulos Ekkohaus (2020 vision, morris audio, cargo edition, liebe detail) Nice original and great remix by Boris…thanx..Ekko
Alexis Raphael Hot Creations / Lower East really like this…
Koljah Sushitech / Vidab / Konsequenz are you there is nice. thx…
James What James What, Crosstown Rebels, Murmur, Dessous loving are you there! nice one
Manuel de Lorenzi Dirty Boots, (Immigrant, 8bit) Another great ep from this label. Will play it
MANDY Get Physical will download. thank you for good music!
Norman Webber Luna City Express, Hudd Traxx, Fresh Meat love all mixes » will play it » thanks;-)
Hanfry Martinez wow!! exe lent release ! for la vie enrose !!!! i love it ! all tracks !!! thanks ! full support ! :)
Chris Duckenfield Swag Boris mix has a quirky charm
Alex Arnout Dogmatik Le Kiff Original for me. Great label!
Daniel Sanchez Remote Area / Bla Bla Boris horel remix is great~!
Tony Rodriguez Brothers’ Vibe Nice one…
Nathan G Large Music Cool ep. Thanks for sending.
Mirco Violi Bloop/Hypercolour/Various great tracks.i will play le kiff !!!
Kasper Esperanza Liking Le Kiff. Nice stuff!
Moodtrap Tsuba Really like Remi Mazet & Mr Matlar-Are you there-Thx
Catel Jean Claude Varoslav Varoslav (Supplement Facts) boris horel mix for me ! niceone! i willtry it out for late hours
Anthony Collins Freak n Chic / Various nice remix by boris